Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awkward Santas

These came in an email, cracked me up!
Frantically busy at work. The work is hard right now and the diet requires alot of cooking. No more calling for a pizza while I finish the chores. Fewer chores are getting done while I cook the dinner. I spend hours looking for recipes that fit inside the diet's restrictions. 
I have found a neat tool, It runs in your browser, sticking a little button near the address bar. When you come across a website with a recipe you like and need to save, you click the "Ziplist Recipe Clipper". It automatically finds the recipe on the site and it saves it to your account online. From there, you can click "Add to my shopping list". Then it creates a shopping list for you. You can tell it where you shop and it moves the list around to the way your store is laid out.
It works wonders for me!


  1. I will have to go and set up an account! I only knew of one as an app for the ipad or fancy phones! Yep, most kids like Santa until they actually see him! LOL!

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  3. Cute photos and so true the first time kids meet him.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. I like the idea of Zip List. It's it amazing what kinds of tools are at our fingertips these days?

    I saw a post recently of family Christmas photos. Some of them were cute. Some were LOL funny! One of them had a family of Goth teenagers with snarled looks behind the black hair in their faces.

  5. Omigosh, that first Santa looks downright evil! lol My boys were never afraid of Santa so I was lucky, they're not crying in any of the Santa photos I have of them. My granddaughter Lily, on the other hand, is terrified of Santa and they haven't been able to convince her to have her picture taken with him! lol

    Great idea about the Zip list! Will have to check it out. xoxo

  6. Oh, those are so funny. My son didn't like Santa either. I wish I had thought to snap a picture or two.

    You seem to be doing great on your diet--so dedicated to cooking healthy. I admire that.

    I was not feeling so good after reading this post because DH is grabbing a pizza on the way home tonight! :(

  7. Anonymous8:23 PM

    You must be familiar with Awkward Family Photos, one of my favorite blogs. Love the crazy santas!

  8. Those pictures are so funny!

    Thanks for the link. I love the idea of a grocery list ready-made.

    Thanks,too, for stopping by my blog. You commented on the door and I have to tell you that it was pretty easy for my husband. He has a paint booth in the barn and he knows how to paint cars, etc. The door was a snap for him. He painted our thrift-shop "new" dining room table as well. If I need shine, he can do it. I'm so lucky that way, aren't I! Know any body shop guys? I bet they'd paint your metal door.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. These pictures are hillarious. I love the ornaments in your blog design. So cheery!

  10. So cute--I'd wonder what Santa was up to, but I remember several of my kids crying the first time they were put on his lap, too. Your app for recipes sounds like a real timesaver, and good for you for not caving in to carryout pizza!

    Will you share the recipe for the homemade granola some time?

  11. I'm glad these weren't YOUR family photos! I wonder if the zip list would make cooking more enjoyable for me? (o:


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