Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Not a Fan...

Today was the first snowfall. 

I know some women who cry at the sight of the year's first snow.

I guess they are overwhelmed with the beginning of such an incredible season. 

If I did cry, it would be for the end of the growing season. I don't consider the snow to be a blanket of white, although without it, a lot of plants would surely die from the brutal cold. 
If I did cry, it would be in response to the silence that this white death brings. 
The driving becomes difficult, the sun sets too early. 
Worse than the snow is the cold. 
Relentless cold. 
Really, I am not a good spokesperson for this season and I don't pretend to be. 


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    The man walked in from work and said did you watch the news, the weather, It's suppose to snow...
    I politely looked up from placing food on our plates and said "that word, Is NOT allowed in this house" Either take it back or walk right back out that door....
    He knows how much I despise Winter and Snow...LOL
    He just had to say the word..yes, he did..LOL


  2. If I'm safe and warm at home and everyone I love is safe indoors then I don't mind it. If people have to travel then I worry as it can be so dangerous:)

  3. Snow is something we don't have to think about down here, not to rub it in though. I would love to be somewhere to enjoy the first snowfall, because I know it must be beautiful, then I'd want to get right back down here. I would get cabin fever real fast not being able to go outside, and I DON'T do well with being cold. I hope you can find something wonderful to do to keep your mind and heart at rest over the next few months.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Snow is not my favorite thing, but I'll take a season of snow and cold over the relentless heat and drought of Texas!

  5. We haven't had our first snowfall yet which is unusual but that's ok with me, it can wait another few weeks yet! lol I don't mind the snow, in fact I think it's so pretty BUT I don't like traveling in the winter time because of the snow and/or unexpected snowstorms!! Two years ago I was heading to Steve's place which is a bit over 3 hours away from here and got caught in a blizzard which forced me and hundreds of other vehicles to be stuck on the side of the highway for 9 long hours!! Sure don't want to repeat that again! xoxo

  6. We had a few snowflakes on Thursday, but I missed them. The first snowfall always seems magical to me and often is so pretty I rush out with my camera. But by January, the magic has definitely worn off:)

  7. Not a fan either. I especially hate the biting winds. We got a dusting the other day. Normally not much snow until January, but I heard this year will be different:(

    Hang in there!


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