Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nothing Endures except Change

As a grow older, I grow fatter!! Yikes!! This is not a good thing! I see my reflection and think, I cannot figure out how this is happening...
I have such little energy that all I do after work is the chiropractor and then I get home and very little gets done. My energy is gone, my belly is big, and my knees are killing me. My veggie garden hasn't been touched since October. I have bags of bulbs that need to be planted, something I usually love to do...
After loading the pics off the camera card, I got a clue as to what has happened.
Chicken Tetrazzini. Loaded with cream, cheese, and pasta. Delicious.
Sour cream pancakes and applewood smoked bacon. (noticing a trend here??)
It's no wonder I can't get my butt out and get my chores done! Too many carbs, too much fat. I need to make a change.

This morning, Hubby and I started the South Beach Diet. No carbs. No sugar. No fruit. It is called Phase 1 and it lasts 2 weeks. Then you enter Phase 2 which is less restrictive. We haven't even had dinner yet and I'm stuffed. This is a lot of work and I spent a lot of money at the grocery store, getting the necessary supplies for the food I will make. Lots of preparation, lots of planning. Hopefully, it will pay off and we will be healthy and thinner, very soon. This diet concentrates on low-glycemic foods.
This is lunch. I found this recipe on a fantastic site for healthy recipes. Kalyn's Kitchen. I altered it a bit by adding more olive brine to the mayo, so mine is a little watery than her recipe would be, but I tasted it without the other 1/3 c of mayo and was happy with it.
Her website also has a feature that allows you to save the recipes and add them to a shopping list. I know it sounds basic for some of you that are so incredibly organized, but I need all the help I can get!

In Houghton, Michigan last week. I kept thinking the hotel was not using this area to its full advantage!!
This is the view out of the rear of the hotel. If I were the manager, there would be a brick patio with chairs and tables and those portable heaters. The only thing out there was a cheap plastic chair with an ashtray for the employees that smoke. The restaurant faces this gorgeous view. 
A pensive walk on the pier. This city is 7 hours away from where we live. 
The irony of her walking away from me was way too obvious. 
This pier jutted out onto the Keewanaw Waterway. It was cold but sunny in Houghton on this day, but we got out of there just in time. Two days later, they got 5 inches of snow. They are scheduled to get over 240" more. The 3rd snowiest city in the country. 
How can this child be MINE???


  1. Sissy - I'm right there with you. No energy for me either. I look in the mirror and wonder what the heck happened. Let me know how it goes. I have to do something soon. Your food (all of it) looks delicious and the views in Houghton are beautiful. The first photo almost looked a little like Galena. Hope the back is getting better.
    Connie Lou

  2. We had a property in Houghton that we were going to build on, so I know exactly where you were. Love that town, but it had changed so much from the time we bought it to the time he retired. We sold it and our cabin by Mass City and moved to where we are now. I do miss the U.P. like crazy sometimes.
    Still don't miss Freeport--LOL!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the South Beach approach is a very good one and I definitely feel energized when I'm eating that way. As I've returned to it over time I allow a serving each of fruit and whole grains from the beginning, otherwise it's just too daunting for me to restart it. Both ways, the real advantage is the calming of the appetite that occurs. I've lost 13 lbs since August with almost no sense of effort or deprivation. Good luck, and here's hoping your energy picks up.

  4. Thanks for checking in on my, Sissy! I have had no time for the computer this last while. Nothing's wrong, just getting my Mom ready to move to a retirement home and SO much to do.

    I'll be back to blogging in a month or so.


  5. Sissy, I just need to stop by your blog more make me laugh and inspire me! Boy, I was thinking that all that food looked wonderful...and then I thought of my rear end too. Still trying to lose the ten pounds for the wedding. The wedding that took place a month ago...Hmmmm. I will check out the recipes on the blog you mentioned. I also wanted to thank you for praying for my friend Stephani...I wrote her an email to tell her so...she will be touched by your thoughtfulness. Praying for energy for all of us!

  6. Good luck with the new eating. I'm hoping each time I open one of your posts I will lose weight and lower my bad blood stats. I hope it works that way, I don't really want to eat differently. I just want to read posts.

    (but indeed, we too are changing how we eat, and must do so for all the same reasons you write about.)

  7. Sissy,
    I know what you mean about no energy. I only have energy in the morning/early afternoon. I need to get everything done by 3:00 p.m. or it does not get done. That is why I have to do it all on the weekends. Once I get home from work, I have no energy the rest of the day.

    I have never been to the Houghton/Hancock area. We were just talking about that last month and saying how we would like to visit there next fall. It would be a long drive for us, too.

    I admire you trying to nip the weight gain before it goes too far. (Your salad looks good). Unfortunately I did not nip it soon enough! At barely over 5 ft. tall, it's very difficult not to get fat!


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