Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've read so many of you, decorating for Christmas, this year, already.
I think it's too early, and I have proof!
I thought I'd direct you to this website, it helps keep up on the holiday season!


  1. LOL!!!!

    The other morning we were out doing errands and could NOT believe that they were already playing Christmas music non-stop on one of the radio stations. For Pete's sake, let us enjoy Thanksgiving first.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is great!


  2. Ok, I laughed out loud! Yes, I did!

  3. Ha!! Love it.
    And I just went to the local symphony yesterday and it was the annual CHRISTMAS kickoff concert. So, I'm starting to do my decorations---today. Sorry. I'm excited!!!!

  4. That made me laugh, Sissy! I say 'No' too. I think if things start too early the excitement isn't there. I think lights and music and etc in public places shouldn't start until 1st December. At home we decorate the tree on the nearest weekend before Christmas Day:)

  5. Ha ha, Sissy. I told you as long as you don't turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving, it's OK. :)

  6. Right on! Definitely NO! I like to enjoy my turkey day without Christmas music.

  7. Ha, you got me with that link:)

    No decorating here yet--I may start next week, only because it takes me till the week before Christmas to get it all done.


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