Monday, November 21, 2011


the bark is stripped

it is a terrible act of vandalism

every single tree we planted last summer has been terrorized

The cambium layer is the tree's "skin". How do you think this guy will do in the winter?

My wonderful honey locust. 
it makes me sick
i could scream
When we first moved in here, I thought the wildlife was so incredibly charming! We even had a fox den in the backyard. (the momma fox moved her family when she discovered a German Shepherd moved into the neighborhood)
The deer were magical to watch! The does and their young would cautiously tip toe thru the streets and yards, the majestic bucks would parade around, commanding great respect.  After fighting this herd for 5 years, I am  feeling a little different about these beasts. 
The deer hunting season opened Friday. I don't know how you feel about this, but I was thrilled! To think there would be fewer of these horticultural terrorists, made me sleep better. On Friday, my co-worker's son went out and got his first deer. He's 11 and shot an 11 point buck. 
I've hidden a picture of Wyatt and his prize under this photo of Bambi, here:

I have asked Santa for a gun for Christmas. I could shoot deer like that from the comfort of my living room or dining room. I could shoot the European house sparrows, and the ground squirrels that have burrowed under my trees, the gophers that eat my bulbs. 
Gracie tracks them, but needs someone to go in after those ground thieves, do you see the hole here? Gracie tries to go in after them, but I won't let her. Jeff put poison peanuts down the hole several weeks ago.

Several of my friends have offered to loan me BB guns, and I have tried to shoot something with a BB gun, but the BB lands softly in the middle of the yard, far short of the target. I need me a big ol gun, for shootin the animals that are tearin up my work. 

I've never shot or intentionally killed anything in my life. I cannot bear to look at the squirrels or raccoons that do not make it all the way across the road. I live in mortal fear that a deer will run out in front of my car. I saw the European house sparrows killing the nestlings of the Bluebirds, but I felt powerless to help.

I feel differently, now. The animals are ruining my hard work. They feel nothing about killing the trees, after all!
The bark is the protective layer of the tree. I can't see how the trees will be able to tolerate this type of damage, but I am hoping. That's all I can do.
Untill Santa brings me a shotgun or a sling shot or something...


  1. How frustrating. I know your anger -- I lost a gorgeous $800 specimen linden to antler rub,it did not survive. Smaller saplings have also been killed, but others survived and formed callouses around the shredded bark. It will be interesting to see what your locusts do. All small trees must be caged in mesh I learned!

    No hunting season here, we are too suburban. How I would love to get some control over the the herds that maraud in my garden. I am completely with you on wanting to SHOOT them, Bambi-cute or not!

  2. What a shame. The biggest problem with living in the country is what you are experiencing. Do what you have to do and don't worry about what anyone else says.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Alright Sissy, calm down. There are less violent ways I think to solve your problem. My hawk made me mad and it still does, but I did add extra fence and completely cover the top of the pen. When they are loose in the big fenced yard, I am home.

    As for the trees, we lost many fruit trees due to rabbits eating the bark. (The deer ate the tiny apples later.) Mark hadn't put the tiling around them so the rabbits chowed. The county extension agent said if bark has been chewed more than halfway around the tree, it will die and wrapping it or whatever won't help because it cuts off nutrient supplies.

    We are investing in $20 a piece solar-powered night lights. Guess we'll start with four. They are motion sensitive and shoot a laser light at animal eye level. Apparently they think a wolf will get them or something and leave. This is better than the floodlights which would go off all the time I'm sure and the neighbors would freak. There is also an owl you can sit out that has laser eyes, turns it's head and makes a noise. It's $40.

    Hope this helps! So sorry, I have been there too many times!

  4. I understand your anger, Sissy; I would be furious, too! We have deer come into our yard on occasion, and they may have nibbled on a few plants, but if they touched my trees, I'd be declaring open hunting season here. Of course, I'd have to call my son; if I tried to shoot anything, I'd probably shoot out the neighbors' windows instead:)

    That is some buck your friend's son shot!

  5. I feel so bad for you, Sissy.

    I have had the same thing happen many times. One year they ate most of the lower bark from one of my Burning Bushes and I thought for sure it would be dead by the end of summer. But it survived and is still going strong.

    I hope you have the same luck with your trees.

  6. Holy smokes....guess I shouldn't complain about the deer eating a few of my plants. Sorry about the damage. It looks pretty extensive.

    Did you hear? Brett Favre is going to step in as quarterback for the injured Jay Cutler? Kidding, kidding.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  7. I feel your pain...They did that to several of my small pine trees. I have hundreds of trees in my woods they could use, but no they have to pick the small newly planted trees to rub their antlers on!
    I have had some success using a product called Liquid Fence. They did not touch my Hostas I had sprayed with it so we are trying it on the trees too.
    Hope your trees survive!!

    Hope you had a Blessed Thanksgiving.


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