Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pass on this one

I found a clunker. This is pesto chicken, which I cannot recommend. 
A pounded chicken breast rolled with pesto and sour cream mixture.
The original recipe calls for the roll to be coated in Almond Flour. 
Almond Flour???
No such thing, here in the country. 
This one had a weird texture and the pesto taste is washed out, not prominent. 
I won't make this one, again!


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  1. Sissy - This one made me laugh! I certainly have had my share of recipes that didn't taste very good, even when following the recipe step by step. Sounds like you have been doing great! I thought I might be the only one that would eat candy bars early in the morning, but my favorite are the little Reeses. Really, how many calories can be in that little thing anyway? Since you have been off sugar for a little while, is your energy coming back? I will keep following, hoping I get inspired by your progress.


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