Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goings on and Blogger Friends

I was watching this guy for a couple of weeks. A big tomato, getting bigger and riper.
I was weeding around the plant and discovered the bottom of this tomato was hiding a secret.
This is why I don't like to grow the big ones. Too temperamental. This is called "cat facing". Just not worth it.
Not when the TomatoBerry tomato plants crank out dozens of sweet cherry tomatoes, without issues, day after day!
Meadowlark on the garage
                         Thai Noodle Salad with Shrimp
One of the best aspects of blogging is the other bloggers that you "meet". Almost every single one of them is new to me, meaning, so many of the bloggers I read when I first started blogging, in 2006, are now commercial bloggers, making money and shwag! When I decided to pick the blog up again, in February, 2011, I didn't have any "Followers", that happened during my hiatus from blogging. So, I am starting over, in a sense. One of the newer blogger friends I've met is My Weeds Are Very Sorry. This is Laurrie and she gardens and blogs in Connecticut and has learned (sometimes the hard way), a lot about trees. I had several trees leftover from a garden center, so I brought them home. Immediately, I went to Laurrie and consulted with her about the deer resistance and other issues with the Norway Maple. 'Emerald King'. I respect her and appreciate her advice. She warned me that this tree is invasive in the Northeast. Honestly, that was reason enough for me to ditch it. But when I went out to water my stash of plants and trees, today, this is what I found:
Can you see it??
this tree is Japanese Beetle fodder. They are going in the burn pile. My yard is already planted with far too many delicacies for these monsters. I will not feed any more. 
I would like to thank Laurrie for her advice. 

                         Outside my kitchen window. 


  1. Sissy, thanks for the shout out in this post! I've never seen that kind of Japanese beetle damage on Norway maples here, but I agree with you: another reason not to plant Acer platanoides. Norway maples have some nice attributes, but they do create problems (and to let others know, I have a Norway maple planted in my own yard. But I wouldn't do it again.)

    I appreciate your kind words about blogging friends --- that was so nice.

  2. Just in from the deck...Purslane in a basket, basil in a pot, and moss roses are all loaded with J. Beetles. It just makes me sick. I'm keeping track of what they like and I won't be planting them next year.That poor tree...we have a River Birch and it looks like fall here. They love them too. Balisha

  3. Those Maples are nightmares. I like nothing but the smaller Maples. Sorry about all your problems.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Whew. Close call. I'm glad you found out before you went to all the trouble to plant them. Love the feathered family outside your window.

  5. Blogging friends are the best, aren't they! I've learned as much from them, I think, as from books. I think the "Impervious Pile of Grass" is the perfect place for your Norway maple:) The good news is that I'm seeing fewer and fewer Japanese beetles each day--I'm hoping it's about time for them to move on.

    Too bad about your tomato, but I'm envious you have some ripening already. I have some very large green ones on the vine that I hope will ripen soon without any bugs or other problems that often seem to occur before I pick them.

  6. Sorry about the tomato! I have good luck with the cherries too, and they taste so good! I've had great success with several larger heirloom tomatoes. I have two veggie beds - one in each side yard, and get tomato hornworms in the east-side bed, but never in the west-side bed.

    That was good advice on the Norway Maple. Besides being invasive, it's about impossible to grow anything under them. They're worse than silver maples, if that's possible! I 'inherited' a Norway maple in the backyard of my first house. I loved that little house, but when I sold the house, I glad to bid good riddance to that maple.

  7. I WAS glad, that is! :)

  8. @Laurrie I mean every word of it, Laurrie!

  9. @Balisha Balisha, I am sorry you are plagued with these devils...the birches are defoliated, here.

  10. @Sunray Gardens I have a Japanese Maple in the front, but with the birds in it, I cannot prune it!

  11. @Rose
    I hope yours ripens without problems, Rose!

  12. @garden girl Good to know, about those worms, Linda! Yep, the Norways are goners!


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