Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finch and the price of things...

Little phyllo cups filled with custard and berries
Farmer's Market cukes and dill.
Do you know what they are charging for green onions at the store??? $1.00 for 6 individual onions! ONE DOLLAR??? Do you know what the mark up on that is??? They tried to charge me $2.50 for 5 Kirby cukes, but I wasn't having that. I will not pass on growing onions, next year. For $1.00, you can buy 30 count sets and have onions all darn year!! One dollar for 6= 17cents a piece!?  For the birds!
Cucumbers, well, it's just a matter of finding someone who is growing them, then you will have cucumbers. There's an old joke that says in cucumber growing season, don't drive with your windows down because people will shove cucumbers in your car while you're stopped at a light! With raised beds, I am not sure how, but I will grow cucumbers next year...! I won't pay .50 for a cucumber, that's for sure!
One thing I must be sure to include tonite: Congratulations to Mandie and Miles and William. They have a new addition to their family, Emma Grace! God's Blessings on the baby and on Dan and Barb!
I love those guys, they are family to me!

Our church has approached us to join a group to go to Joplin, Mo to help those who were affected by the tornadoes. My Darling and I have committed to this ministry mission. We are hoping Barb goes with us. My Darling will miss school, but she will be granted an opportunity to help someone who has had everything ripped away from them. That is an experience not taught in school. Perhaps it will bring some humility and gratitude, something not easily taught, either.


  1. I love Gold Finches. They come here for certain flowers and they are the cutest things. And yes the price of everything is pathetic anymore.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Great shot of the goldfinch! I've had the same thought myself when buying produce. Occasionally, I'll buy a zucchini and cringe at the price. I'm waiting for mine to mature in the garden; when it does, I might be one of those stuffing them in strangers' cars:)

    How wonderful that you are joining the group from your church to go to Joplin! The devastation there from the tornadoes was unbelievable; I'm sure your help will be much appreciated.

  3. Awe...thanks Sissy, you guys are family to us too! I will be going to Joplin with you and cassidy!


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