Sunday, May 08, 2011

More on annuals I love...

I am really diggin the way the Caliente geranium holds its flowers above the foliage. The foliage is clean and a medium green. The colors are bright and I cannot find a thing I don't like about this guy.
Proven Winners Supertunia Bordeaux:

The veining on this guy is so striking.
Simply Beautfiul's Peppermint Twist Geranium
(note the salt damage on the leaves in the background)
Simply Beautiful's Zonal Geranium, Allure Salmon

The temps here are going to reach 80 by Wednesday! The garden centers were absolutely PACKED on Saturday. Thank goodness. Between the cost of fuel and the cold and damp weather, I cannot imagine the numbers look very good for the company right now.

A personal note on Mother's Day. I am blessed beyond belief to have a wonderful husband and family the created a celebration out of Mother's Day. I awake every year to a dozen donuts and hot coffee. Most years are spent with Mother-in-Law, but this year we went to breakfast with friends.
I have never had the security of a mother's love, someone who was always there, with my own mother. But my mother-in-law is a warm and caring lady that is my biggest fan. I am at home in her apartment, sharing a lunch and making plans to plant her balcony. I know the Lord knew I could use someone in my corner, other than my husband, and he brought me to a wonderful family.
Being a mother to two ambitious and successful children, I find motherhood the most rewarding and enriching thing I have ever done. I haven't done much as far as career is concerned, I didn't care to. As my youngest enters her senior year in high school this fall, I sense the impending doom that began the second my eldest child was born. I will have lost the purpose I have had for the last 21 years. They are growing and going. It's as it should be, but the sense of loss is creeping up on me and I promise to treasure my time left with my darlings.
They will be with me, in my heart and in my life, always. But I know it is sooner-more than later- that they must go and live their own lives. I have always tried to do what's right by them. Not what's easy, not what's best for me, but what's true and best for them. It is my prayer they find rich and meaningful lives. It is my prayer that I will not hold them back, now.


  1. I am happy to hear that you have a mother-in-law who could become at least a bit of a substitute mother. My mother is one of my favorite people; my best friend has an abusive mother she has had to cut out of her life once she had her own child, in order to protect her child. However, she also has a substitute mother. My husband is adopted, and although his mother passed away several years ago, he considers that he had the best mother possible. I am glad that mothers don't always have to be biological.

  2. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Your children are blessed to have you as their mother - I can really relate to your 'impending doom' feeling as the kids grow up and leave our 'nest'... I will be where you are before I know it... your future with your adult children will be enriching as well - just as good but in different ways...

  3. Anonymous10:33 PM

    ps) i LOVE that peppermint twist!


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