Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bad then good then black

Just look at what I came upon in one of my stores. Nothing makes my blood boil more than something so disrespectful! This has been like this since Tuesday. They pay no attention to the plants at this store.

You see all this empty racking above the annuals? Its for the hanging baskets. Why do they leave them all squished on the one rack?? grrrrr

This is what they pay me to do. Note all marigolds together, all pink snapdragons together. What a novel idea!

This is the sum total of what I had to throw away because of the store's neglect. My company's philosophy is that the bad plants leave a bad impression. Shop worn or neglected plants must be pulled out of the population. We have no "ICU". Neither do we mark down less than quality merchandise.

This is what a good garden center looks like!

I cannot tell you how good this one made me feel! I must remember to bring this guy something nice, next week.

This is the Caliente geranium. I cannot decide which color I like best!!
On the left is Coral. On the right is what they call Lavendar.
This is the Black Petunia. Underneath, the petals look metallic purple, but it really does look black. Like black velvet, actually. The foliage is a wishy washy light green. I was showing a customer how to emphasise the blackness, here I used Superbells Yellow Chiffon, a Proven Winners Calibrachoa. This black petunia is insanely popular.
Not with me...!


  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    When I see neglected plants at a garden center, I generally tell someone that there plants are in desperate need of water. I can't stand to see plants that just need a drink to be healthy!

  2. Oooh, you don't want to see mine right now! 15 carts today and an army of helpers! Got it done fast but it's going to take me days to reorganize it all the right way! And I think I'm the only one who can "see" the difference between the colors of the deluxe and the Premium! What a nightmare!

  3. The fluttering butterfly is a lovely touch.

    I'm not a big fan of the Black Petunia or even of plants with a dark foliage, although I do still sometimes buy them. Just depends.

    A well kept and maintained garden center ALWAYS makes me spend more money.


  4. I'm not a big fan of petunias, but those black ones really wow me.

  5. Hi Sissy,
    What an interesting post (to get the view of someone who is in the floral business). I have to admit after you rearranged everything, it looked much better! Do you let the retailer know of your displeasure, or do have to keep smiling and just fix it all?


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