Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Cass and her friends for prom pictures at my house. The wind was blowing around 30mph that day. My husband and daughter helped me with the yard until we got too hungry to work, the night before, but nobody saw it.

Some goofy guy gave me bad advice on my camera settings. I have re-set them and the pics are better. Don't ever ask a stranger advice on your own camera, unless he's a professional.
Definitely never ask a goof. gggrrrr....


  1. The yard looks beautiful, and so does your daughter :-)

  2. Everything and everybody looks great! You did a good job! see ya Monday!~PS she looks just like you!:)

  3. Cass and her friends look great! I mean really, really good! When did high school kids start looking like movie stars walking the red carpet? They are all stunning in their prom attire!

    Your yard looks great, too. At least we all got to look at it. :)


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