Friday, April 29, 2011

Pull a Daffy Duck...

I have been very very busy. Tomorrow is my little darling's prom. I have been working extra long hours so that I can have tomorrow off. My darling volunteered our yard for prom pictures.
Oh, great.
Then, it rained 17 days in a row. 17. Days.
In a row.
Oh. Gosh.
They don't hold garden walks in April for good reason. Unless you are a bulb fanatic, nothing is blooming. The crabapples won't flower in time, I will bet you. That would be too perfect. Too good.
In my garden centers, we have some azaelas about to pop, but they won't flower in time, either.
So, I was out there till 7pm, planting and setting out plants so they look like they're planted.
I am a nervous wreck. My yard has very little structure. Very few established trees. That means none.
10 flats of purple petunias don't make a dent in my yard. 2 flats of yellow snapdragons, 1 flat of Calliope geraniums, 2 flats of purple violas, and 8 containers of gerbera daisies.
Not enough. But, I am exhausted and I must clean inside tomorrow before hair and pictures.
Thank God Colleen, my dear friend, is coming to help.

Pictures of yard and prom goers to follow.
                   If I make it!  

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  1. You are crazy. And your daughter is lucky :-)


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