Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unbelievable clouds

I have never seen clouds like I saw today. Everywhere I went, these low dark clouds hounded me...

The wind is brutal. Tearing my signage away from the grommets and knocking 1 gallon shrubs right off the shelf!



  1. It was quite a day. The light yesterday was so beautiful, in spite of the bluster, inconvenience, and rain. The light changed all day, from ominous, to just plain dark, to several times when it seemed so brilliant and clear for a few moments when the wind blew most of the clouds out of the way.

  2. We had intense storms followed by periods of sunny calm. Spring weather is always so unpredictable!

  3. We had a mixture of those clouds, sudden showers, and peeks of sun, with a medium breeze. I love looking across the horizon and seeing two little rain showers --somewhere else!

  4. Menacing looking clouds...but interesting. It has been sooo gray here, but sun is expected tomorrow. Looking at the horrible storms in the south, keeps me from complaining too much about our lack of pretty spring weather.


  5. had those same clouds and wind here today too! We were constantly picking plants up!


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