Monday, May 07, 2007

Now I know...

All winter long, I searched for garden blogs that were written by women my age, with similar interests-kids still at home, cooking every night, (well, that one is kind of a dis-interest, lately), and their gardens. I really found very few.
Now, I know why.
Most women work outside the home. They have very little time after kids and jobs and chores. What little time they do have is best not spent on the 'puter, but in front of the sink and washing machine.
Right now, my laundry has left the "pile" catagory and entered the "mountain" catagory.
I worked all weekend and it's exhausting work. Moving flats of plants, carrying hanging baskets, watering the entire plant inventory, stopping to help a lady who thinks she needs to plant more Bishop's Weed, (one need never plant any Bishop's Weed, much less more!!), and then deadhead the annuals and condense them once more before it's time to go.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, I unload a semi-truck full of plants. I do have help, but the employees at the garden center also have to run the register, I don't work for the garden center, I am employed by the grower, I only work at the garden center. If it's a bad day, I have the lazy girl with me. She's 19 and says she really hates people.
So, customer service was your choice of employement???
Anyways, by the time I get home from this, I have had to stop at the grocery or school or vet's office, or pet store and I am done. I am toast.
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Actually, this looks much better than I do, most days...! So, blogging will take a backseat. I have other priorities and I know it will be here when and if I come back...
The garden center closes in July, so after that, I will be looking for more of a part-time job. I am working 40 hours/week now, but getting Cass back and forth from school and her basketball is getting hard for me to do. Luckily, this job is so flexible, I can leave and come back, if need be. Not too many jobs offer that.
Plus, I got my first check, Friday. It paid for some of the dirt we had delivered last month.
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I sure did like blogging, while I had the time, so I would imagine I will come back to it. I like my blogging friends and learning so much! I do read and comment on your blogs, when I can, so I hope I can keep up with your gardens! I pray all of you have a wonderful hot and sunny summer and those days of shoveling snow become a distant memory. Save me a tomato!!

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  1. Hey Sissy,

    You are one Sassy gal. I feel for you. I , too, work at a garden center and I know how difficult the work can be , especially for someone like you who's juggling a lot of other duties.

    I'm usually "toast" too by the time I get home so I kick my shoes , put my feet in a bucket of ice and try to relax a little.

    Just think of it as " temporary insanity. " Before you know it summer will be over.

  2. Hi Sissy:-) I can imagine how hard it must be to have a job, family, etc and still try to blog...I'm lucky in the fact that I don't have a job and no kids at home but I still struggle to find time to blog at times! lol We'll still be here when you get back...maybe try to post once in a while to let us know how you're doing?? Take care my friend! xoxo

  3. I feel for you,too, Sissy. I am sure it's difficult to adjust to woriking full time with a such a physical demanding job as well as keep up on all your other duties.

    I do hope you will post every now and then to let us know how you are adjusting and how you are doing on your landscaping. Now that we got to know you, we don't want to lose our friendship!

    I hope everything works out for you!

  4. You seemed to have a busy life before the job, Sissy - must be really wild now.
    Please let us know you're okay once in awhile while you make some bucks.

    Besides, there are bound to be a few occasions when you need to let off steam, and you know that we will listen!


  5. I feel your pain, Sissy! Even though I no longer have children at home, I work and have lots of other projects in addition to my garden. Unfortunately, people like you and me will never have enough hours in their days, but then, that's a good thing as we'll never stop long enough to realize we're getting too old for this stuff! At least I hope not!

  6. I am new to blogging but I will miss your posts! I do hope you find time to to update us once in awhile. Maybe when schools out, things won't be quite as hectic...then again there are summer activities to get Cass to. I am lucky to share a blog with Apple, I don't know that I could keep it up if I was doing it solo. Enjoy your summer Sissy!

  7. I second all the other comments. Sissy, you've been enjoyable to read and I've enjoyed geting your comments. Good luck with your garden, your job, and I hope you have time to write and comment when you can. rosemarie

  8. Oh, sissy, you have been such an inspiration and I've so enjoyed reading your blog - hope you find the time to come back soon - enjoy your job and your garden and being with your family. Take care.

  9. Sissy, there's only time for so much. Many of us don't have the obligations you do and we still can't find time for everything. Do check in occasionally though and we'll look for you!

  10. Hi Sissy,
    Just stopping by to say hi and I hope all is well with you.

  11. Just stooped by to say hi!


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