Thursday, July 19, 2007

For the sake of record keeping, I picked my first tomatoes July 16, 2007. The way it looks right now, I will have a steady wave of them for a long time to come!
I planted several sizes, all of them red varieties, but the first tomato wasn't Early Girl, it was Sweet 100...I don't think the skins are too tough, the the reviews generally say this is a tough skinned tomato. The first tomato of the year is always so Sweet!!

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  1. Happy summer of tomatoes, Sissy - sounds like a nice crop is on the way.


  2. Hi Sissy! I didn't plant any but I sure am enjoying them. I hope you have a great crop!

  3. Sissy, I planted one lone tomato plant and am looking forward to my first harvest which will end up in a BLT sandwich! Enjoy your tomatoes!


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