Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Red winged blackbirds are back, sitting on the highest little branches of the trees!! It went over 70° today and what did I do? Shopping and volunteering. My feet are killing me. Cass and I were serving as concession volunteers for Nick's speech team and I looked at her and oh, dear.
Her little cheeks were flushed and her eyes looked like two pea holes in the snow. I sat her near an open window and her daddy came and got her right away.
I rushed right home and found her sleeping on the couch. Her daddy had tried to make her bed, (I started the sheets in the laundry, but left in the morning, before they were done), but gave up. She drinks sweet tea like a good southern yankee and had her glass by the couch.
One of the other mom volunteers told me it was type B influenza. GEEZ!!
Type B influenza??!! Doesn't that sound scary? Why not just say, she has what' going around?
So much for the warmest day of the year! We will have to wait for the next one.
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  1. I think it would have been less alarming to have just said - 'it may be flu, there's a lot of it about' - hope your daughter gets well soon, sissy, and that you and the rest of your family stay flu-free. Take care.

  2. I hope it is just the 24hr bug that's going around here and that she feels better soon!

  3. Is it safe to come back now, Sissy? I know you were not too happy with the Southern garden bloggers showing blossoms while your snow was fresh:)

    I'm glad to see you move toward spring, but sorry your little one can't enjoy it yet. Hope her caboodle is bouncing around the house again, soon.



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