Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Do you have a pet peeve?
Mine is the crazy way people say things. And cheating. I don't like it when people cheat.
Anyhow, on the radio, they got a guy that says for all intensive purposes. AAACH!
All intents and purposes. What the heck are intensive purposes, anyways?
One of the funny ones? My daughter always says the whole kitten caboodle instead of the whole kit and caboodle!
She thought it meant the kitten's bum!!

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  1. I hear things like this all the time at work. When they come from one of my kindergarteners they cute. When they come from am adult I just cringe.

    I miss my last two houses terribly but since there is no going back we're both going to have to make the best of the hand we've been dealt. My last house had a beautiful garden, put in by the previous owner. I wish I'd known something about gardening then so I could have brought some of the plants that I loved with me.

  2. I love 'kitten caboodle' - I'll remember that :)

    In used to work with someone who used always to say unindated instead of inundated - I never dared say anything:)


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