Tuesday, March 13, 2007

68°, Partly cloudy

Purple Gerbera daisy and Dianthus have sprouts!!
Walked around today, picking up trash and trying to gauge how much dirt we need to truck in...I don't know how much dirt is, but I need a lot of it to get the drainage problem fixed.
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This was taken Sunday. There isn't any more snow out there, today, but it's still a lake. The builder has gone bankrupt and the developer says they can bring dirt in, how much do we want to spend??!!


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  1. Hopefully you can get that drainage problem fixed and have it not cost you an arm and a leg!! Our snow was really melting today and I can see grass again in some spots!! xox

  2. Hopefully the dirt takes care of it for you if not you might want to consider a french drain. We've put them in at two different houses.

    My driveway is under water so I'll be pricing gravel. We'll probably just park out by the road again this year.


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