Monday, March 12, 2007

40° and Cloudy

Carol was right!!! She said that we can have a 70° day in March. When she posted that, I told her she must be out of her mind!! We were expecting lots of snow, that week. Tomorrow's forecast??!! That's right!! 70°!!! WHEEE!!!!
It's supposed to get colder, after that, but that's ok! I know winter's grip is slipping!

Do you know I thought Saturday was St. Patrick's Day??!! Where this entire week went, I have no idea. I even posted a greeting-Happy St. Patrick's Day. Sheesh!

Tonite will be a special one for our son, Nick, who is 16. He will be inducted into the National Honor Society. I am so proud. He is in the Junior National Honor Society, but this is the big time. We will take him and his sister out to dinner at Grubsteaker's and then over the the ceremony. I am so excited! He is very intelligent and we are very blessed.
His sister, Cassidy is a straight A student, as well! I thank God for blessing us with these two kids.

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  1. Congrats to Nick! You have a lot to be proud of with both of your kids.

    I have worn shorts to work here in March but it won't be happening this year. We're hoping for 50's tomorrow and major melting!

    I like the new signature line :)

  2. I just thought you wanted to wish us an EARLY St. Patrick's Day wish! lol I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets mixed up in her days!! hehe Congrats to Nick!! Well done! I was very lucky also to have two boys that were both honour students...makes it so much easier on us, doesn't it? lol xox

  3. Told you!! Isn't it great?! Forget that it will be in the 40's this weekend. Live in this glorious moment.

    And congrats to your son Nick. I was in NHS and remember getting a new outfit to wear for the ceremony. That was a loooong time ago!

  4. 70 degrees? Wow! I was excited about the 50 degrees that we are supposed to get today. Tonite it drops way back down with snow forcasted.

    How proud you must be of Nick.

    What a lovely primrose that guy gave you. I hope you enjoy the garden club.

  5. :) That's like in Chicago when they celebrate it a day early. Hey people just want to celebrate I guess. I see nothing wrong with that. Happy St. Patty's!


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