Friday, March 09, 2007

Partly sunny

Note to self--plant more early bulbs in the back. The snow in the front takes too long to melt. The back faces south and would have had crocus or snowdrops, by now....

In between studying the growing lists for my new position, I have sought out garden clubs. I realized none of my friends are gardeners!

The first meeting I attended was last night, we met at a local cafe'. I was the youngest person, by far, until Beth and Marcy showed up!!
It's a good group, very active in the community, but older and smaller. So, I was glad some people my age showed up. None of them live near me, I drive 30 minutes to them, but there isn't any garden club in this little town. I don't mind, anyways.

We had a lite supper and went to the Glidden Campus Florist and Greenhouse. I thought we would tour the greenhouse, but the guy said he hasn't used it in years, so we were given a short talk about how cut flowers make it from Bogata, Columbia, to DeKalb, Illinois. Then, he arranged a vase of roses and gave them away, and spoke about how to care for cut flowers. Before we left, he gave everyone a potted primrose!!

One meeting and I have already come into free flowers!! Yippee!!


  1. You should start a garden club in your town. You might be surprised, maybe are others are just waiting for someone to do that!

  2. You're going to be in your glory, being surrounded by people who actually know what gardening is all about! hehe How wonderful that you already got some free plants! I'm just so happy for you:-) xox

  3. I think you'll love being in a club. Our club has a pretty good age mix. More of the older women attend regularly because they don't have conflicts with kids or work. They also have lots of plants to share! I'm going to miss my 1st meeting because I have a work meeting that night :(

    I expect my bulbs to be very late this year. I think you should spread your bulbs out both front and back - double the blooming time.


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