Saturday, March 10, 2007

March 10 2007

We have bluebirds!!
For years, we have tried to lure bluebirds to the various yards we have lived. But we have also had swimming pools and swing sets. The last yard had all of that plus a trampoline.
But in this yard, I have lots of open prarie and even a row of scrub trees in the back, for cover! I have placed my first order online with Rainbow Grubs, I ordered 1000 mealworms and Jeff will put up his bluebird feeder!

Jeff and I think we saw an eagle, the other day!! An eagle looks a lot to me like a big chicken. We always have hawks and once I saw a white owl. If you ever have an owl look you right in the eyes as you are driving, you will know it was an owl. This one swooped down in front of the truck to grab some little thing out of the road. It stared right into the headlights as it made it's way up into the trees, again. Nick looked at me and said, "Owl."
Like it happens every day!
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  1. We don't get bluebirds in my neck of the woods but I wish we did because they are such pretty birds! I've only ever seen a white owl once in my was sitting on a telephone post at the back of our house...that was about 28 years ago. Needless to say, they're quite rare around here!! xox


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