Sunday, March 04, 2007

Brilliant sunshine!!

Today is the kind of day where to sun belies the temperature. I went out to sweep the deck off and that fact was immediate. I don't care. I am sprinting to the end of winter like a marathon runner.

I keep searching my yard for crocus and such, but most of the early bulbs were planted on the North side of my house and whatever bulbs are down there are covered in a foot of ice covered, dirty snow. The south side of the house is almost rid of the snow, but the front still wears a couple of stubborn drifts.

Today, Jeff and I will drive to his mother's house in Wisconsin. She doesn't get out often and I worry about her. She's asked us to bring lunch and two grocery items, strawberries and cheese curds!!!
Isn't that funny! She lives in a wonderful part of Lake Michigan and all summer long the doors are wide open and the marina is packed with people and their boats. The sails clang against their masts and the fog horn bellows at night. Across the access river, there are nightclubs and you can hear the young people drinking and singing well into the night. I love it there in the summer. I cannot bear it in the winter. It is a desolate place, nobody walks around and the boats are gone, out of the water until Easter or so. There is no music and you cannot hear the boaters laughing. I could not live there in the winter. I can barely do it, here.


  1. That's the only problem when living in an area that is only popular in the summer time...winters are very lonely! Have a great visit with your MIL:-) xox

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and the visit! With the melting we've had here I'm hopeful that the snow will be gone before the end on May. :-)

    It was so cloudy last night that we never got so much as a peek at the moon. :-( Did you get to see it?

  3. What a lovely description of where your mother-in-law lives, sissy - it sounds wonderful - I could just see it in my imagination.


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