Saturday, March 03, 2007

27° Sunny
The wind has died down and the sun is coming out.

What are you doing tonite? You wanna stand outside in the yard and watch the moon with me? I have never seen a Lunar Eclipse-one will be occurring tonite, beginning at moonrise, which is around 4:30. If you can see the moon, you will be able to see parts of the eclipse until around 8.
NASA Eclipse page.

Nick has his last performance of the Spring Play tonite. It is a very mature, politically themed show, Nick is very good in it. I am proud of him. I will go see him again, tonite.
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Colleen, from In the Garden, has tagged me for a meme:
1. What state are you from? Born in Illinois
2. Favorite band/singer of all time? (No fair saying "I like everything" Pick one! Two or three, tops.) Favorite song? my husband Heart of Worship
3. Favorite movie ever? Never, ever watch movies, but I did see Star Wars.
4. A book you've read that you just couldn't stop thinking about once you were finished? I don't read for pleasure, but I do read to learn. I cannot stop thinking about Mrs. Greenthumbs being dead. I didn't know she died. So, her book stays with me and I bought the next one.
5. Do you like sports? Which ones? What teams? YES!!! Sports I watch, sports I go to!! I like the Chicago teams, NL baseball, Cubs, and NFL Bears. I also follow my daughter's team, the Crusaders!
6. What do you like to do BESIDES gardening? I know you like to garden. I cook, I volunteer at my kids' schools.
7. Something I'd be surprised to know about you. I am very tall.

Ok, that last one was a stretch. (no pun intended!), I couldn't think of anything surprising about me.
I have Colleen to blame thank for getting me hooked on the Mrs. Greenthumbs books. Then, Zoey left a comment about Mrs. Greenthumbs early death and I was shocked! I had never heard of her before Colleen's blog, and it turns out she died of cancer, at 55, just a few years ago. How sad. I really like her books and down to earth manner. And her ability to laugh at herself.

I have that interview on Wed. for the plant job. What do I wear to that interview? Not my Ann Taylor suit, surely...How about a pair of khaki slacks and a navy blue blouse? We are meeting at the Culver's restaurant because he is coming from Eden Prairie, MN, where the operation is headquartered.

If I have time, I want to post a design question for this blog. I am really stuck and have sought out answers online, but seem to get conflicting views!


  1. Good luck on Wednesday! The slacks and blouse sound perfect, well put together and professional but not over dressed like you wouldn't actually consider working with plants and soil.

    Wish Nick good luck from me and take lots of pictures of the play, I enjoyed the last one.

    I can't believe I didn't hear about the eclipse! Thanks for mentioning it. We're driving three towns over for dinner tonight so I should have a good amount of time to view to from the warmth of the car.

  2. I didn't know about the eclipse either! Sheesh! It's been so cloudy all day, though, I doubt we'll be able to see anything. Really enjoyed your answers to the learning new things about my friends:-) The slacks and blouse seem perfect for the interview!! xox

  3. Good luck with your interview. When I used to interview for gardening related jobs, I generally did not wear a suit, so I think slacks and a blouse are the way to go.

    I also have both of Mrs. Greenthumb's books and for awhile she wrote a column for one of the gardening magazines I subscribed to, though I can't remember exactly which one, maybe Country Gardens? I knew she had died because they put something about it in the magazine, I think. Yes, she died much too young!

  4. Sissy, thanks for answering my questions :-) Aren't I nosy? I love Mrs. Greenthumbs! I hadn't realized she'd died until I saw it on your blog. How sad! That is way, way too young.

    It's looking like you and I are the two sports nuts of the group. Too bad we'll be rooting against eachother all the time :-)

    I'm so excited for you, with your interview! Your outfit sounds perfect. They'd be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgable candidate. Good luck :-)


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