Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So, what makes a gardener?

Carol is wondering about how gardeners evolve into calling themselves gardeners...
So, what makes a gardener?
If a person says they are a gardener, then so be it. Whether they have a geranium in the window or they have 10 acres of cultivated garden...

Do you consider yourself a gardener? How did you decide you were a gardener?
I am a gardener. I don't know it was a moment when I decided on being a gardener. Even as a kid, as other kids were chasing chipmunks in the weeds, I was identifying the groundcovers...

When is the first time you referred to yourself as a gardener? Where and how did you learn to be a gardener?
I spent some time as a child with my grandfather who was an immaculate and accomplished gardener in Brookfield, Illinois. He taught me how to composte and root fiberous begonias!

Has anyone ever introduced you to someone else as a gardener?
I did garden design in Memphis, I also won Yard of the Month in our little suburb. The mayor introduced me at the city hall as a gardener. You would have thought I had been elected President...!

When someone tells you they are a gardener, what image of them does it bring to mind? What do you expect of them?
It's funny. I expect people to look differently than they do. I imagine little older ladies with short hair to have neatly trimmed lawns and expansive rose gardens. That is rarely the case, however.

Can a gardener live where there is no place to plant anything, and still remain a gardener?
Is there such a place? My mother-in-law lives in a gated townhouse community and is not allowed to alter the landscaping. She also has emphysema. So, every year, we plan out her container garden. (I am sorry I ever introduced her to Wave Petunias. Now she won't look at anything else!)

What about horticulturists? Are they a subset of “gardeners” or a whole different group?
You know, I know a horticulturist. His yard is a jungle. Not maintained, not cared for. His birds are always in the road and you cannot see his house from the road. The Botanic Garden he is in charge of? Neat and effecient. Go figure...

Carol has a knack for getting me to think. Thanks, Carol!

Found this:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Do you think that's a real church???


  1. Ck out the web page at the bottom of the church sign:, where you can design a sign to say just about anything!!lol
    I like the gardening questions. Cannot wait til spring. ;o)

  2. Hi Sissy...I so enjoyed your answers to the gardening questions! Now I know who to go to if I need to learn something about gardening!! lol No, that sign is not a real Sandra says, it's a web site where you can generate a sign and type out whatever you want on it. Hugs xox

  3. I could tell that sign was a fake from a mile away, because we all know God said the COLTS are winning the Super Bowl!!!

    I'll include your excellent post about what is a gardener in my wrap up post in a few days.

  4. I am impressed! Yard of the month and the mayor even introduced you! That is truly impressive.

    I can't wait to see your new plantings this year.

  5. It's good to know some gardeners are getting a little respect, and from a mayor, yet! You gave such great answers to Carol's questions, Sissy, while making us smile at the same time.

    The gardeners I hang out with are younger than me, and not into tending many roses. They're called the Divas of the Dirt. We were in the local paper back in November. You asked what people looked like. Apple used a childhood B/W for her blog photo, and so did I, but you can find me in the group photo of the Divas.



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