Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tailgate shopping, today!! I have not heard back from SIL or BIL, so I have made the decision-
Low Country Boil
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I will never forget having this for the first time. The waitress came with a big pot and spilled it all over the table!! I was mortified! But, the aroma got to me and I dug right in!! Now I know why they do it on newspaper and I love it!
People who live in South Carolina/Georgia Low Country have it made. I love to vacation there...
So, I am off to Sam's to get some of the stuff we need! I will cook it in the turkey fryer and it will be great!!


  1. Sounds delicous. That reminds me of the last crawfish boil at my mom's.;o)

  2. I have never eaten that, but it does look good.

    I will be looking forward to seeing the pictures of your tail- gate party.

  3. I've never had this but I just recently heard about it on another blog...yummmm it sure looks delicious and I for one would enjoy it:-) Have any leftovers??? hehe Hugs xoxo


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