Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rant and Rave Wednesday

I want to rant about people who take advantage of others. A mom calls me, asks me to drive her kid home from school on Tuesdays. Every Tuesday. Why is it my responsibility to drive her home so that her parents can work? Because I don't work I am asked to step in for the parents who do work, and I am beginning to resent it.
So, yesterday, I drop this kid off, who, by the way, lives 10 miles out of my way, and the dad waves to me from the house.
If the dad was home, why didn't he take his own kid home? Why did I have to drive out of the way to take his own kid home? The mom is able to drive her home, but is taking her Master's and wants to study. Taxiing all the kids around takes up all my time, she tells me.
Reeeeally? Poor dear.
For my own sanity, I am breaking this off. The very reason I don't work full time is to be able to take my own daughter to and from school. My kid is well adjusted and bright. Her kid? Well, let's just say intensive therapy might be a start.

Rave-I am so worked up I can't think of anything positive to say. That's bad. I have to try harder. Let's see....

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My gold star goes out to anyone who listened to that silly rant...!


  1. I know where you're coming from Sissy, the same thing happened to me. I was always a stay at home mom and the neighbours would take advantage of me, asking me to do this or that because they were working. Well, I finally had enough and told them all I would no longer be available...I love having my own time to myself, not be running around everyone else's kids!! I wish I could send you some donuts:-) Hugs xoxo

  2. I get used like that all the time. The difference is I get paid for it!

    Call the Mom up and tell her that since it's so far out of your way, you just don't see yourself being able to do this anymore but since you see that her husband is available you're sure it won't be a problem for them. - Put it back on her. Then stick to your guns!

  3. Right on. My mom used to complain about this very thing... "back in the day", having to take someone else's kid home, always out of her way. She always felt sorry for the kid, as he didn't get much attention at home.

  4. You got the child home ~safe and sound~ and that perhaps is why you do this kind act.Perhaps yOu ask ~that mother~ for a favor to see if she would recipricate.
    I love the angel on your profile..which one is it? Holding a shovel perhaps a garden angel..I have
    the courage and healing angels.


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