Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boy, am I busy....I am taking this little time to blog to let my friends know I have not dropped off the earth...
I have a huge Super Bowl party coming up and friends coming from Memphis, even!! We have church tonite and dinner party afterwards, Jeff is going to see his mom tomorrow, but I am staying home to catch up on this dog hair. It is forming tumbleweeds and floating across the floors. There is so much dust all over everything that I cannot just swipe it. I have to get out the damp rags. YUK!!
I had the interview with the attorney on Friday and she said she would call me next week. The crazy thing is, I got a job I don't want, only went on the interview for practice. This job is full-time and I don't want Cass and Nick to take the bus home everyday to an empty house.
The lady at the temp agency has more openings, so maybe next week will bring more interviews??
Cass has a game every other day and Nick is busy with the spring play, he seems to always be rehearsing for a play!!
I have to drive to get the donuts that the boys will be selling tomorrow @ church!
I don't know what I am bringing to that party, tonite. How about a half a bag of tortilla chips and four bottles of Sam Adams Beer? I didn't think so, either...
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  1. Sissy,
    Slow down girl! Don't rush so much you forget to enjoy yourself.

  2. Try to relax a little or you just might trip over yourself! lol Sometimes I think you need a job so you can relax a little.

    I like your stressed out little guy.

    I thought beer and chips went everywhere!

  3. Oh dear, you are a busy little bee these days! Isn't that always the case, though, everything happening all at once! lol I'm sure it will all go smoothly and you can then put up your feet and relax a bit! Hugs xox


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