Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogger is really making it hard for us that still have the old version to comment on the new blogger. If you have the new one and wonder why you haven't heard from some of your friends, it's because we CANT!!!

I will be busy today with lots of chores, but I wanted to play the Christmas image game with Pea.

Google Game:

1. Google for Christmas (or the December Holiday of your choice) plus the year of your birth.

2. Post the most charming picture you can find in one of the searches it gives you.

3. Get misty with nostalgia over hot cocoa and peppermint cookies.
Here is a family of boys with their aluminum tree! I don't know these boys, but I didn't have a childhood like this, so I want to pretend this is my family, OK? After looking at this picture I realised the curtains were even changed out for the holiday.

About nostalgia, well, I have created my own memories. The pics I do have of me and my family in the holidays are terrible to look at. They're mostly of the four of us kids, sitting on the couch in our hand me downs and if you look closely at me, I am always crying. Always. Even on Christmas, with all the Strohs beer bottles and full ashtrays and the tree in the background, you can tell I am trying to stop crying. It was hard, being me, as a child. Statistics say the abused children abuse their own children, creating a terrible cycle.
Once I heard that, I was determined to never have children.
Once I had children, I devoted my life to them. May they never know the terror of being shoved out of a moving car, or dropped off in the middle of a corn field, 150 miles away from home, in hopes that we would never find our way out.
May they never have to step around drunks to get at their presents. May they always know that Dad and I love them and that God is with them.

Here are the Christmas memories we have made!!!


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Not all of us who were abused become abusers. I must say that I had it great compared to you!

    Love conquers all and you have learned that. I'm glad that you have found yourself a loving man and have two wonderful kids. They have been given love as children, a wonderful gift in and of itself! I don't know why HE gives us these tests but I'd say that you have passed your's!

    Blogger wouldn't let me comment on any blog yesterday! So it's not just a beta thing. Grrr

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Dear Sissy, reading about your childhood just breaks my heart and I so wish I could have shared my childhood with you...I had very loving parents and I can't even imagine what it must have been like to live under the abuse you did. Wish I could hug you right now!! Shows what a loving heart you have in spite of what you went through and your children are very lucky to have as a mom!! Hugs xoxo

  3. I once heard this statement: "What we go through in life can make us bitter or better."
    "Bless your heart", I am so proud of you and your 'determination'.
    I am glad to finally 'meet' you, too! ;o)

  4. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Hello Sissy,I know what you mean about Blogger being a pain, I was having the same trouble and in the end gave in a changed to the new beta version. Its actually quite simple to do, you don't lose any posts or anything just takes about ten minutes of your time. I can't really see the difference that makes it worth doing but I guess there must be a reason for it. I hope you are all well and if I don't see you again before next week I hope you have a good Christmas. Bob.

  5. Sissy, I love to find people who have made a better life for themselves rather than blame their sorry state of life on their childhood years. Good for you, girl! You do seem like a wonderful mother and wife. It sounds like you deserve all the happiness you can make.

    And whomever that is with the long blonde hair---what a gorgeous head of shiny hair it is!

    Marry Christmas to you and your family.


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