Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Science and Santa...

Yep, it's almost 45* here....I am afraid the daffodil bulbs I planted will start and then be frozen and all the work I did in the fall will be wasted!!

So, I was over at Pea's Corner and she was posting about reindeer. I was telling my son about her reindeer quiz and my son tells me this:

According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Reindeer FAQ, it is true that only female reindeer retain their antlers much past the beginning of winter:
Reindeer and caribou are the only deer (Cervidae) where males, females, and calves produce antlers. Substantial growth of calf and female antler can be obtained with good nutrition. Some females can grow small shovels (eye-guards), normally grown only by bulls. Like other deer, reindeer shed their antlers annually. Bulls drop their antlers by January, and pregnant cows and calves retain theirs until spring. Normally, pregnant cows retain their antlers a week or so after calving for advantage over food resources. New antler growth in the spring and summer is nourished by a highly vascular covering called velvet which is shed in August. Bull antler hardens (ossifies) in June and cow antler in July. The primary function of antler is for gaining social dominance.

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So, are Santa's reindeer really all female, even though some of them bear masculine names such as "Rudolph" and are often depicted with male personalities and voices? Well, it's not impossible that a male reindeer could retain his antlers as late as December 24, just not necessarily the norm. And that's not nearly as unusual as a fellow who lives at the North Pole, spends the year making toys for millions of children all over the world, and manages to deliver all of them in a single evening. If Santa could find a way to make reindeer fly, his coming up with a way to ensure the bulls kept their antlers until late December must have been a piece of cake.

Wow. So that's how they knew where they were going!! But the thing that troubles me is that there is a Reindeer FAQ!!! How many questions can frequently be asked about reindeer??!!

Almost all the snow is gone. Yesterday, the fog persisted into night, until the wind took it away. I was amazed by that fog!
Have a great day!


  1. The daffodil bulbs will be ok. They are tuff little

    we have had weird weather too; like 70 degrees here and around the M Tn area.

  2. Lol learn something new about reindeer all the time! hehe The weather sure has been strange...not often that here in Northern Ontario we don't have snow left by mid December!! The long range forecast is for sun, sun, snowfalls at all and above normal temps! Hugs xox


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