Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I ordered seeds already....

Haven't purchased one present yet, but I found a great deal for the Castor Bean plant I wanted.
Diane's Flower Seeds.
They have both the New Zealand The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And the Carmencita!!The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. I got 6 seeds of each for $4.00... I wish I would have gotten the green species, too. That one is supposed to get huge!!

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I am sure the FBI is wondering why I would be doing searches for Ricin. I know it must be weird, the seeds are the source for the terrible poison, Ricin. I am not out to poison anyone, OK, Big Brother? I just want a pretty yard, OK???

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So, I have been given the heads up about the baking parafin. I am excited about making Pea's Turtles!! I cannot get over how talented these bloggers are. Really, I don't knit or sew, I don't have a flair for Christmas trees, (we don't have ours, yet!) and I have never been known to keep two socks together to make a pair, much less collect snowglobes or candlesticks!!

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Our second winner from the AAS winners is Diascia. I have never even seen this one, much less planted it. From the website: "Diamonte Coral Rose' flowers are tubular with backward pointing spurs. The five-lobed blooms have broad lower lobes. 'Diamonte Coral Rose' plants have a spreading habit and are perfectly designed for any container. Planting them close to the lip will encourage the plant to cascade over the side. Needing a full sun growing location, 'Diamonte Coral Rose' combines well with other cool tolerant annuals, such as snapdragons or dianthus. Exceptional garden performance can be expected from 'Diamonte Coral Rose.'"
Sounds like another good one to plant with pansy and snapdragons! The snapdragons did not do well for me, in Memphis, but I have seen them here, this year, in the middle of summer, blooming like crazy!!! Anyone know this one??


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I hadn't seen the AAS web-site, thanks for the link. I thought it was just a marketing tool used by the small local nurseries. The few I've seen for sale = expensive! Some of the ones they show as annuals I thought were perrenials so I'll have to look into them more.

    I like the castor bean plants too but I don't know right now where I'd put them. I haven't started plotting my two new beds yet, not that I'll end up following the plan when I do!

    I like the way you've decorated for the holiday's here. :)

  2. Apple,
    Are you sure you aren't thinking of Proven Winners? Those are the expensive ones, if you ask me. AAS would show up on catalogs, next to the plant blurb. That Proven Winners is a brand and you are right, they are a lot more!!

  3. I'm not familiar with the Castor Bean plant but I love the way it looks in the pictures!! You made me giggle when you mentioned the FBI wondering why you were doing searches on Ricin! hehe I'm so glad you'll be making the Turtles...if you run into any problems, just email me, I usually check my mail often:-)


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