Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do you plant AAS winners?

I never really paid attention to the All America Selection Winners until the Tidal Wave hit. 2002 was the Silver Tidal Wave and the healthiest mounding petunias, even in the south, even into September!! I looked carefully at the tags left in the ground in front of the restaurant and it said simply, "AAS Winner". I had to find out what that meant!
Since then, I have familiarized myself with the website: AAS.
Every year, I look to see which plants won from this growing season. The list is out!
Dianthus 'Supra Purple' The image “http://www.all-americaselections.org/Images/Library/Dianthus_Supra%20Purple.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I love love love Dianthus. It's the kindest groundcover, really. It is evergreen, with it's bluish grasslike foilage and the flowers keep coming if you shave them off when they are spent. What more could you want from a plant?
"The 'Supra Purple' single flowers have highly fringed petal edges which are perfect for decorations. Add them to salads, bouquets, or float some on water for an eye-catching centerpiece." AAS website

I have already been on the supplier's website for the seeds to this fabulous plant. Anyone ever order from Jungs or Harris or Vesey's?


  1. I Like Dianthus too, I might try and sneak some in to the garden to the big house sometime. Just in case you are wondering why I don't sneak some in to my own garden I will explain that it's quite full already and I don't really have much to do in my own garden as Vicki is a keen gardener too so I mostly let her look after our garden. We don't have those seed company's here in the UK

  2. I've never planted Dianthus so I'm afraid I can't be of any help to you there! They sure are beautiful and love that purple colour!!

  3. Oops, me again...I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you:-) Can you email me your address? My email is carole_57@hotmail.com....I'll then send you my address! Hugs xox


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