Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Tell me how you feel about this.
You read a blog. It has beautiful pictures and interesting topic.
You leave a comment. You are the second to do so.
You check the blog within the next two days and notice that the author and the first comment person are carrying on a conversation, with you in the middle.
Then, it turns out its one of those blogs kept by several "experts", and it's the two of them having a discussion on the comment side, without ever recognizing my comment. like they were talking (or in this case, arguing), over my head. I am not going back to that blog anymore.

We had 3 trick or treaters and two of them drove up in a car, together. Well, they weren't driving, but they were driven, I should say. Yuck. We used to give out bags and bags of candy. Now I have to eat it all.

Speaking of eating...I adore homemade broccoli soup, ya'll. Even better?
Jeff's grilled cheese on Turano Italian Bread...


  1. I only had three trick or treaters, too. Boring!

    I was reading about the comment and praying it wasn't me. I was glad you added the "expert" part, because then I knew I was out of the running!

    I guess I would have hurt feelings,too. But try to remember that it was probably not intentional. It's so hard to acknowledge every commenter.

    I tend not to go to those blogs that have several authors and have paid commercials on the side. When I see they are trying to make a business out of their blog, I go elsewhere.

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  3. I lurk first and save my comments for friendly places :) I probably wouldn't bother with that blog anymore, too many other great bloggers out there.

    I love broccoli soup, the only good thing about the cold months is the great food!

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    u nede more pitchurs of pooh!


  5. Home-made broccoli soup is one of my favourites - especially with melted blue stilton cheese on top. Mmm good idea for the weekend :)

  6. Oh, no!! The blog I was upset about is not one of our friends' blogs!
    Zoey, you are right it turns out to be commercial!

  7. Anonymous11:38 PM

    M m m m m, I love soup
    and your broccoli soup Looks
    out of this world!


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