Friday, November 03, 2006

Just to let you know

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day! The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
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I went out into the driveway to tell my husband and do you know what his reply was?
"Today is also National Wives Wash Their Own Truck Day!"
I think he was being sarcastic, don't you??? All the same, I better make a good dinner so he continues to wash that beast I drive!
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Caesar Salad with Herbed Grilled Chicken Breast and Bread!

Today, they had a bomb threat at the high school and I kept Nick home for the morning. As I passed the school, I saw a fleet of State Police, bomb sniffing dogs and news cameras. I called Nick and told him to get up, today would be the safest day to go to school!!!

Max was asking about more pics of Pooh. Max was adopted by a guy who drives dogs from the puppy miller to their foster homes. They stay there and get fixed and fixed up until someone finds them on Petfinder and takes them to "Forever Homes", where they live happily ever after and never have another bad day in their lives!!! One day, the guy drives three little Yorkies to the foster home and helps get them fixed up. One of them is my Little Pooh! The other two were put to sleep by the very people who signed up to save them. Sometimes, in the beginning, the rescued animals are little different than breeder puppies. I have one of each.
Pooh spent the majority of her 8-10 years in a wire cage. Here she is at the beach, in August. It turns out she loves the beach in August! Pooh also has been de-barked. Somebody got sick of her barking and took a long PVC pipe and shoved it down her throat, breaking the cords. The scar tissue that remains impedes Pooh's ability to cool herself down by panting, so I bought a big cooler and let the Pooh sit in it when she needed a break from the sand. She loved the cooler and slapped and drank at the little slivers of ice on the bottom. (Pooh does not know she has had a terrible life, so don't tell her. She loves me and I love her and we don't think about what has happened in the past. If I were Pooh, I would bite people, but Pooh is a gentle and scared little soul) The vet thinks the Pooh has had between 10-15 litters. She was never held or loved, but you can tell she was kicked, once in a while. Pooh is afraid of people, but not vaccums or lawn mowers. You have to pick her up out of the way or she won't move!!

This is Schatz. Schatz was planned for, and we waited for her. She is a very different dog than Pooh. We have had Schatz since she was 6 weeks old. She was bred to sniff drugs or take down bad guys in a German sport called Schutzhund. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.this is Schatz's daddy, Bastin Vom Kokeltal
I can't remember why we thought we needed a dog that could take down a grown man, but we got her!!
Schatz is very smart. That's the trouble! She is a loyal dog and is trained very easily.
I have trained Schatz to bring me things I want, like the remote or if I have left a tool in another garden bed, she will "Bring it to Mommy".
This month, Schatz has shed enough to make a whole other dog!! ugh
Like most German Shepherds, Schatz is slow to mature, so she is still very puppy-like, even though she's almost 3. We are waiting for her to calm down. If left alone, Schatz will eat CD's, the cat, the blinds, and the cabinets.
Every day, she has to be run with a kong. She lives for this kong and will do anything for it. That's why these kinds of dogs do what they do. They find the one thing the dog loves and they will do anything for it. In humans, this is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but in military dogs and the like, it's called "drive".
*Schatz and Pooh*


  1. Breaks my heart when I hear how some animals are treated by humans. Thankfully there are people like YOU who give them the love and care they deserve. Your Schatz and Pooh are just darling and I loved hearing about their characters:-)

  2. Looks like they have GOOD homes, now! Thanks for being a caring person. ;o)


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