Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween stuff

More 'ween than hallowed, I am afraid!

Garden Plants for Bats
Plants to grow to attract night-flying insects that bats will enjoy include cornflower, phlox, salvia, silene, spearmint and stock.

The image “http://a1410.g.akamai.net/f/1410/1633/7d/images.enature.com/insects_spid/insects_spid_m/IS0107_1m.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Female fills spherical egg sac, up to 1" (25 mm) wide, with tough brown papery cover. Female attaches it to one side of web close to resting position, then dies.

Freaky Plants with Eyes.

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Cockroach the size of a man's thumb. (Are you thinking-Let me hold it!!!??)

This year is the first year in 17 years that we haven't carved a punkin or gone trick or treating. we have moved to the windiest place on earth, I think, and I didn't put the spooky eyes out or the moving skeleton head because they would all blow away!!!
We live in a rural area, and we live in the boonies of the rural area!! No sewers or city water, the Chicago Tribune will only come on Sunday, and only after 11am!! This is a neighborhood, with covenants and rules, but the lots are large and I would think trick or treats would have to be done by car! It's 40* and the wind is howling!
I did buy a bag of candy, just in case.
In Memphis, Cass loved the Disney costumes. They were expensive, right out of the Disney store, but she looked so beautiful as Tinkerbell and Snow White!
We never had cold weather, as a matter of fact, the most popular house on the block was the ones who would give juice boxes and cans of Coke!

I haven't heard from anyone about the seeds for SASE. It cost me $1.57 for three packs. I guess they would email me when they got mine.

Cass went to school today, but she is still not 100%, I hope she remembers her inhaler!

You know what I feel like for dinner? Grilled Cheese on big thick Italian bread, american and provolone cheese, and homemade brocolli and cheese soup. Oh, and
Go Bulls!!


  1. Happy Halloween Sissy!!! So glad you could come to my Halloween Bash! hehe The last of the trick or treaters have now come and I've turned the lights off...we had over 110 kids so it was a busy evening:-) That video is something else...never knew we had plants like that!! Sheesh! That dinner you mentioned sure sounds delish....I just had a hot dog at 4:30 before the kids started ringing the doorbell! Take care! xox

  2. No tick or treaters for us here either. I took my kids out several years in snowsuits. Welcome to the Great Lakes!

  3. Go Bulls? Um, no. It's Go Pacers!!
    (Though I am happy to report that Chicago is whupping on the Miami HEAT, where they are up by 29 here near the end of the 1st half.)

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Yikes! Sissy, I hope it wasn't me and my blog where the conversation went on without you.
    Things like that happen I think, with no intent to hurt anyone else.
    It's difficult to communicate via blogs don't you think?

    Your blog continues to be one of my favorites but I don't have enough time to comment on all the nice posts that I read.

    ~ Becky

  5. Anonymous8:57 PM

    OOO nice cockroach! i have those as pets! :) That one is obviously a male because it has horns.

    Girl Gone Gardening


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