Sunday, September 10, 2006

You would not believe my life. life is incredibly busy right now. No, really. You could not be busier than I am. It all started innocently enough, I suppose.
We have had a helluva time getting the basement finished. The contractor (Hammerburglar), put up the ceiling, only we chose the vinyl grided ceiling instead of the typical metal one, because it offered six more inches of headroom. Well, these guys threw those grid pieces around and marked up all the tiles that fit in the grids. They slammed and banged and basically threw it up and marked up every wall so I need to repaint.
Then, the head guy comes back the next day for "touch up work" and to collect his money. Well, over the weekend, I had started 2 lasagna beds and did a lot of heavy lifting. Anyone who's over 5'10" can tell you that after 40, those disks in your neck will squish right down to nothin', leaving you on the couch for a day or so with large doses of Advil.
So, I was not in a good mood when Hammerburglar came to do his "touch up work".
Jeff had stayed home from work, just to deal with this guy and make sure the stuff gets taken care of.
Hammerburglar starts saying, all you guys have done is bitch at me. Nothing has ever been done right.
He goes on and on, complaining and saying he was sick of it.
I jumped up off the couch and screamed at him down the stairs. Jeff is not a screamer, he was trying to deal with this guy in a practical and mature way, but I had just had it. I screamed how immature he was and how he should just grow up and fix the shit he made.
He got very quiet after that. He came and went, getting new ceiling tiles, but Jeff stayed down there with him, every step of the way.
So now, he's gone. Alleluia!!! So, in the meantime, Cass has started volleyball and soccer. Every night, she has soccer or volleyball, some nights, she has both. I don't mind that running, she is busy and loving it.
One night, I am picking Cass up at Volleyball and the coach is someone I don't know, so I stop to speak with her...She tells me she can hardly do it, she has so many younger girls, she can't run the practice. I turn around and there are 3 moms sitting on the bleachers, watching.
Do moms not know to offer to help? I mean, these women are sitting there, criticizing the coach and how she runs practice, but they won't get up off their big behinds to help? So, I tell her I can help with Cassidy's age. Well, she needs help with the younger group.
Can you see where I am going with this?
I am now the assistant coach for the Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyball team. I know very little about volleyball, but she likes me and I a hard worker. Anyone who is willing to show up and coach my kid, without having any ties to our school or church, well, that's someone I am going to back up!
I also serve on the PTL, I am vice president and in charge of school spirit. They have no spirit events here, so I have started at the bottom, working my way up.
Friday, we had our first pep rally, I was in charge.
I think it went very well. We won't have cheerleaders until the volleyball season is over, but I filled the time with some pep band stuff and cheer competitions between the classes.
We also have Bears season tickets, my husband plays in the Praise Team, Nick has the lead in the high school fall drama and is on the speech team.
Tomorrow, I have to sand the wood putty, repaint the trim in the basement, (carpet guys-grrr!), and repaint the walls.
I have to coach two games, but I have to take 5 girls with me, and the box of uniforms, don't forget the box of uniforms!!!
The open house is at the high school tomorrow night, I should be only a little late, after the games. On Tuesday, I have to help with the PTL open house at Cassidy's school. I am not sure what I have to do, I mean, how big can it be?
So, that's what I have been doing. Very little cooking, there's no time. It's not that there's no time for cooking, but the shopping is what takes the most time. Today, for the Fabulous Football Fest, I went to Aldi and filled my arms with "heat and eat" junk. ugh.
But, Bears won and yippee! we will be at the game, next week!
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Nick is displaying all types of challenging behaivor. Really out of the ordinary, he's always been a great kid. Straight A's, his entire life. Now, he's driving the car and out with friends and stretching his boundries.
Checked his grades online and they are so bad I thought it must be an error. After checking, it's no error. He's been neglecting the books for the babes. So, we went into Operation Crackdown and he has been home for over 24 hours straight.
Those grades will come up or I will remove every other distraction in his life including homecoming. He won't go if they aren't at the A level.
He also needs to start Latin III. That's another one of my projects. He takes Latin online, you see. He started Latin in Memphis, and went to Latin II, when we moved, he was 1/2 thru with Latin II. So, Illinois Virtual High School offers Latin II online and the high school let him take it during study hall.
The university he has his eye on has a 3 year foreign language requirement, but Illinois Virtual High school doesn't offer Latin III, so I am researching another option. It hasn't been easy.
We will probably go with North Carolina, but he wouldn't be able to start now, anyways, he's so busy...after the play. The first of Oct. Then, things will settle down. Did I mention Cass takes private basketball shooting lessons?
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