Sunday, September 03, 2006

Giant Peaches!

Cass and I stopped at a Farmer's Market and she found the biggest peaches! She loves fruits and veggies and will often eat everything I have bought, in the car on the way home!! It's common for her to eat a jar of beets in front of the TV at night.

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We went to Yorkie Stock in Washington, Iowa on Saturday. A rescue operation for small dogs hosted a fundraiser. It's the rescue where we got the Pooh!


People came from all over, with dogs they adopted. I have never seen so many little dogs in my whole life. Some of the folks drive dogs from PuppyMills, some of them foster the dogs, and some, like us, adopt the dogs.

It was the craziest thing to see packs of little dogs running around, snagging chips off the ground and running in and out of the doggie door! My Little Pooh doesn't run around with the others, she is old and too arthiritic. These dogs have been kept in cages for most of their lives, they are fearful and not right, mentally. To see a picture of what puppymills look like, click the crying dog icon on the right side of my page. WARNING: puppymill sounds like a cute place, like Candyland, but these pictures are real and can be upsetting!
Don't buy a puppy at a mall or Petland. My Little Pooh has had 15 or so litters of puppies, with no additional nutritional support or regard whatsoever for her health.
She will never have a bad day, again, if I can help it!!

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Today, I planted the 12 plants I bought from Hartmann's Nursery
Wow!! These are great plants! I bought 12 raspberry plants and there are raspberries on the plant!!
I bought them potted so I could plant them late, like this and hope they get a headstart on the growing season...

I also started a Lasagna Garden, which will cook all winter and be ready and full of worms in the spring. I wonder if I buy some bait worms if they will work. I can get them at the gas station. I am going to try it, I think.

Cass is at a sleepover, I have beef tips and egg noodles for dinner, tonite! The boys are already saying how good it smells!

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