Thursday, August 31, 2006




1700 sq feet of living space, added to the house!

You know I wa
s worried about it being so dark without windows thru out, so I chose the ceiling panels and wall and carpet color very carefully. The one window is in Nick's room, and it faces West, so it gives off the maximum amount of light.

The guy who did the ceiling did a very poor job. I paid an additional $2 per tile to have a clean white look without those pock marks you see in industrial buildings, even schools. Those guys took those tiles and cut them on the ground and threw them around and now 75% of them are chipped and marred and damaged. When I called him on it, he said stress fractures are going to happen...Yeah? Not on my dime they aren't. We even had a neighbor who brought his sawhorses down for this yahoo to use. He said he didn't need them. What a putz. He is coming over tonite to go over the tiles with us and I warned him, I am not afraid of making him uncomfortable.
I mean, it's my ceiling, right??!!
No piccata last night. Kids were gone until 6, and then Jeff informed me of a picnic he was going to for choir! So, at the last minute, the volleyball coach called and asked me to help with Cassidy's team. How ironic. I was just complaining about how fat I have gotten and here this lady wants me to run around the gym for two hours, three times a week!

My next project:
The Yard!!!


  1. Wow, Sissy, that is gorgeous! 1700 sq feet extra! My whole house is 1700 sq. feet(not counting the unfinished basement). I would LOVE to have that basement!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Oh you'll have lots of fun in the garden!
    Hey, I like the name of your blog!
    I'm all for serenity.


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