Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Suggestions, Please!

Soon, it will be my birthday! My Mother-in-Law wants to get me a gift certificate of my choice, and she's asked for suggestions. I don't know where to begin! 
What would you ask for? 
In the past I've asked for Amazon and Bluestone Perennials, I wonder if there is a good and reliable online source that you could recommend?
 I appreciate your input, Blogger Pals!

**Every year I ask for a new Buick, but she never gives me one!!**


  1. My first thought was Amazon, but I see you've already done that one. Oooohhh, I just thought of one, Omaha Steaks. When we were doing better before the economy tanked, we bought from them a couple of times. Their streaks are wonderful, as are their burgers and their hotdogs. If I was rich I would buy my meat from them all the time.


  2. I always go for the Amazon--they have everything.
    Well, except seeds. Or plants.
    For them, I'd ask for any of the seed companies, or High Country Gardens, or or or or--Oh my gosh, I could go into overload on that one!
    Happy Upcoming Birthday!!

  3. A Forestfarm gift certificate:

    They have trees and plants of every stripe, the widest choices possible, and all beautifully healthy. They ship in the most incredibly protected way and all arrive in good shape, even 5 gallon trees! But I order sparingly as the shipping costs are so high (from Oregon).

    But if it's a gift.... go for it and have her splurge for you. And then tell us what you order : )

  4. I honestly haven't ordered from this company but they have the nicest mail order catalog I have ever seen. Just ordered my 2012 catalog. They are pricey but I drool over the catalog:)
    Their ratings on Garden Watchdog are good. 96 positive and 5 negatives.

  5. I get a gift cert. for a massage. I feel guilty when I buy one myself, but will happily let someone else get me one!


  6. I would do for you. I like other nurseries online since I am into getting the shrubs I want. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  7. Gosh, you got some great ideas. You can't go wrong with Amazon, and getting a massage is definitely a luxury I wouldn't buy myself but would love as a gift. My flavor of the day at the moment is Barnes & Noble. I like going in there and browsing through all of their wonderful magazines that you can't find anywhere else, and then taking a few home with me. Happy Birthday! When is it?


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