Sunday, November 06, 2011

November Roses

Even into November, the roses are doing well. As a matter of fact, I think they look better now, after the Japanese Beetle damage from this summer has been pruned away.

The cold temperatures seem to affect the color saturation, making the blooms appear more vivid. This rose seems to glow from within! Still, I wanted red, not pink, but I don't know another shrub that will do this in front of the foundation planting of boxwood/yew evergreens.
Even with the negatives of thorns, Japanese beetles, and the trend of being overplanted, I will keep the KnockOuts.

I have so many of them, they form a nice color swath in front of the house!
Even in November, when little else is flowering...


  1. Your knock outs are so vibrant and look lush and healthy.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Lovely shots of your roses!
    I'm following you back :)

  3. Your roses look amazing, Sissy. You must be doing something right! How nice that the killing chill is holding off.

  4. They truly are knockouts. I imagine they look more red or more pink in different kinds of light.

  5. Anonymous9:19 PM


  6. Jealousy, jealousy!
    I cannot grow roses. Ack!

  7. Gorgeous flowers! Thank you for following me. I am returning the favor by subscribing to GFC as masugr

  8. Gorgeous roses. Don't they look beautiful this late in the year. I wish I had more of them. The red ones that we planted at Church are still vivid, when everything else has gone by. Balisha

  9. How cheerful and lovely these are! I ended up removing my red-pink knockouts, mostly because I had planted them in the wrong place. Yours remind me of what it was I liked about them to begin with! Yours are looking so good right now.

    The blooms are a hard color to describe or photograph, so vivid.

  10. Hi Sissy,
    I agree that they look great. I would keep them, too!

  11. I've always loved how "electric" red the Knock outs are!
    How ya Been Sis? Miss ya!

  12. Your Knockouts are beautiful! I agree--they are great plants and look even better at this time of year than in the summer.

  13. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Sissy, you've got to find a Radsunny yellow knockout rose. It's fabulous and actually fragrant! I love this rose so much that I tell everyone. Mine is still blooming beautifully. It scents my whole yard. Go! Find one for yourself! Congrats on the photo contest.


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