Monday, November 14, 2011

Fresh or Forget It!

Vegetables from my childhood came in metal dispensers. They were opened at the same time the meat went in the oven, the simmered on the back burner with too much salt and too much stale black pepper until the meat was finished cooking. Sometimes, water would need to be added, because the hours ticked by before they were "cooked". They came to the dinner table worn out and mushy. Any nutrients had been cooked out of them.
They always appeared in this funny casserole dish. Always!
I haven't seen these in 30 years, maybe it was just my mom that had them??
Now that I do the cooking, I do not have the metal dispensers of vegetables. I cannot tolerate them. I purchase fresh and if that can't be done, frozen. I don't even have a can of corn in my pantry.
My preferred method is steaming, but I've been roasting quite a few veggies and roasting might be overtaking steam. It's quick and easy and the caramelized brown bits really add to the texture and flavor.

We had these green beans with another recipe from Kayln's Kitchen, Baked Tilapia with Olives, Onions, Peppers and Feta. Only mine is Cod. Because that is what looked good. Entering our 3rd day of this No carb diet.
It was delicious. I modified the recipe and left off the mayo. Loved it!

The basketball season starts tonite. My bullbs still aren't planted, but I have hope. I feel like the decision to give up so much of the crap I was eating is helping. Very little sleep last night, but I am not feeling that badly! 
I had terrible cravings for some candy, yesterday, but nothing I couldn't handle. It's the increase in the water that drives me nuts!!
Another meal without carbs:
Thai Beef Skillet
This looks like Hamburger Helper, but has a sophisticated Thai taste. Very quick, very easy, from another low carb site: Linda's Low Carb Menus and Recipes

Today has dawned sunny and cold, with 100s of bulbs to plant, I really don't want to leave for work. I can plant them well into winter, as long as the shovel can get in the ground. My neighbor brought down something that might help...more on that, later!              


  1. I've been doing much the same thing as you, Sissy. My labs weren't good, so, having only one kidney, I have had to increase my water intake. Harder than people think. I've been doing the same as you in regard to the carbs.Your recipes look good.Keep telling us how you are managing this.

  2. I grew up on "canned" vegetables too. Ugh, the salt and the way they were mushy. If I can't have it out of the garden, I opt for frozen also. It's as close as you can get. And no salt, thank goodness.

  3. I have to admit those meals look pretty darn good. I think I must be hungry right now. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Both my husband and myself eat fresh or frozen veggies, as we were raised on the canned veggies...Our Mom's both single from husband's early deaths, did the best they could each with 6 children to feed...but...blech to them now...
    Good Luck with the food changes..

  5. ROFLOL! I have those casserole dishes still! Want them? My mom never was into cooking and she worked most evenings, so Chef Boyardee was in charge of dinner. I still remember the box with the tiny can of sauce and even tinier can of cheese. Pizzas also came in boxes.

    I never even tried broccoli until I was nearly 20 because you can't buy it canned. I finally had it in Chinese food, which is also something I hadn't had except for LaChoy canned Chow Mein and I hated that.

    Mom went through a Weight Watcher period and I remember tuna casserole several times a month. Yuk. So grateful for fast food! We had Burger Chef and King, plus McD's a few minutes away. Probably explains my bad eating habits...

    Good luck with the diet! (BTW, if you ever go to England I am told they still cook their food to death.)


  6. Sissy, your meals look delicious! I do loved roasted veggies.

    I am so impressed that you are sticking to it.

    I actually love that type of Pyrex oven dish. I don't believe I have that pattern, but I have many of similar style.


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