Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Continuing Sky Obsession & Weird Egg?

You could ask anyone, I am really not a patient person. I am antsy and frustrated, most of the time, really! But there are a few things that go against those personality traits that I enjoy. I like to fish. In a boat. With my husband. I've never caught any kind of fish that one might brag about, once I caught an eerie looking drum fish. You might have thought I caught a prize winning marlin, the way I went on about it....
I also enjoy the watching the sky. Why in the world would I watch the sky??
I don't know, really. Except I catch sites like this:

And just a few minutes later:
Perhaps living in the country, where more of the horizon is visible, has got me looking up and out??

I have received such nice comments and emails from readers that want to know more about my progress on my diet adventure. Some emailed me directly, not wanting to post a comment and a few shared some stories about weight and gain and loss. I have decided to post the meals and the progress and see how it goes. I realize now I am not alone in this struggle to keep things under control, and some of you might like to hear about how it goes.

The South Beach Diet appealed to me because it is not stringent about the amount of food, however, there are very strict rules about the type of food. It encourages lots of high fiber, low carb food. I haven't had a bit of sugar or carbohydrate since Saturday night. Yesterday, I felt a little like I did when I quit smoking, those pangs of craving were lurking in my mind, but they soon passed. After all, I think I am literally addicted to candy.
I was eating candy for breakfast! I looked down at the pile of wrappers next to my coffee cup and I was shocked. I had eaten over a dozen little Butterfingers. Before 7am!!? How can that be right? How can that be good?
With that thought in my mind, I went to work on Friday and there were several boxes of assorted candy on my desk. It was every where. I knew my diet had to be tied to my lack of energy and I needed to get a handle on things before I went over 200lbs.
Sunday, Jeff and I entered Phase 1 of the South Beach, which is 2 weeks of zero carbs and sugar, meant to rid the body of the effects of a high sugar/carb diet. But you can eat as many zero carb/zero sugar snacks as you'd like! Eat till you're satisfied, but not stuffed. Sounds like a good plan for me.
Speaking of plans....
This eating plan takes a lot of planning. Much more than I am accustomed to. I plan for breakfast, lunch and dinners, along with 2 snacks a day, for both of us. No bread, no fruit, no sugar. The internet has become invaluable. So many of the South Beach followers spend their Sundays cooking quiches and egg muffins and prepping veggies. None of that interests me at all. Most weekends, we have a sporting even on one of the days, leaving me one day to do the planning and the shopping, I surely don't want to spend the remainder of the weekend doing more chores!!
Breakfasts for us used to be cereal. Everyone had their own box and we'd eat our bowls of cereals.
We can't do that, with the new plan; but I am not making quiches all day long!!
Here is what you must adhere to for the breakfast on Phase 1:

Protein: Quantity is not limited.

Vegetables: Minimum 1/2 cup. 
Fruit, Starch, Milk: None 
Fat: 1 tsp mayonnaise or oil (optional) 
So, many of the webcooks fix quiches, fritattas and egg muffins on their weekends and cut them up for the work days. Not me. I've figured out a way to follow the rules in 2 minutes. 
Here's my breakfast. 2 eggs, scrambled with 1/2 cup of spinach and a squirt of water and 1 ounce of low fat cheese. It is really good! My kids think it is strange, but hubby and I have found time in the morning to enjoy this together!
I spray the coffee mug with non stick spray. Crack 2 or 3 eggs into mug. Add 1/2 cup fresh spinach, torn, 1 oz shredded low fat cheese and a splash of water. I mix this right in the cup, toss it in the microwave and after 90 seconds, we have what (kinda) resembles a souffle!
My breakfast is Jeff's dinner, at least until the first of the year, when he goes back to days. When he gets home, I can serve these eggs in a cup with a glass of V-8 and we share this time together.
Sure, the eggs are a little tougher than they might be in a pan, but this is just too easy. It is what works for me!!
Tomorrow, I will weigh myself. I think the last time I did that was May...



  1. Great photos of the sky. The egg is interesting. I do scrambled eggs in the microwave. I believe in efficiency. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I do believe in the Girl Scouts they show the girls how to make scrambled eggs in a zip lock bag..much like your microwave eggs...easy breakfast...Think back..way back before fire and raw when you can...

  3. Sissy, I didn't realize I had missed several days of your posts, so I went back and read through them all, especially since I was curious about your change in diet. I am so impressed you've stuck with it this far! I really want to change my eating habits too, but I am such a carb-addict that I don't know if I could stick it out for 2 weeks. But I do think the South Beach diet is one of the healthier plans I've seen. Maybe I'll start after Christmas...
    For now I'll just cheer you on!

  4. Beautiful sky pictures....I too, am fascinated by how quickly the sky changes color. The eggs? Hmmmm. I'd like to try it, my husband often eats eggs in the morning...with spinach, this might be less to clean up...I like that. And Sissy, I hope next spring you can take a field trip here to see our fields...not too much to see, but a pretty area to visit also. We need to keep in touch!


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