Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny and warm with possibility of happiness

Saturday was a gorgeous day, here in Northern Illinois. The sun shone gloriously, the winds died down, the weather was absolutely perfect.
I was inside the entire day. It's the end of My Darling's volleyball season, her senior year. We were at a tournament at a local high school. My Darling did such a wonderful job that she drew the attention of other coaches there. They named her to the All Tournament Team and gave her a medal.

It was worth it. I missed a beautiful day with many hours of warm sunshine, but look at her. She's come so far from the asthmatic and shy toddler. At 6'2", she has a few college offers to play volleyball. If I think about it too long, I will cry.
Like I did on Saturday when they called her name.
I have to ask the did it go this fast??


  1. Congratulations Sissy! What an honor for your daughter. You must be a proud mama....but yes, it has to be bitter sweet as you say goodbye to each "last" time this year.

    Connie Lou

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Congrats! You have every right to be PROUD! and yes, time goes by fast...sigh

  3. Woohoo, congratulations to your daughter!! It's no wonder you're so proud of her, she certainly has come far:-) I know what you mean about them growing up much too fast. I look at my boys and I shake my head, wondering where the years have gone. So often I wish they were babies again and I was holding them in my arms:-) xoxo

  4. Congrats C!

    What a proud, proud mom you must be, Sissy. I am sure she will continue to have outstanding accomplishments as I can tell you have raised her well.
    Good job to both of you.

  5. Congratulations!!! I particularly love this because I adore the sport... I play on various adult leagues around here (women's and co-ed) throughout the year. I'm still pretty competitive... but I have a feeling that your daughter would be one of those girls that make my friends and I look at each other and say: "Wow. Maybe we should think about retiring soon..." They do some amazing things on the court! :-D

  6. Congratulations! The sun is transient, but your girl's senior year is forever. Yep, sent my girl to college this Fall, really wierd, but it will be fine. Be especially careful of scholarship deals---get in writing as early as you can. Talk is cheap. We didn't know that full ride doesn't mean free room and board. That is costing $12,000 a year. Didn't want to be greedy and apply for other scholarships until it was too late. FAFSA only helps if you are destitute....

    Take care,


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