Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Bulbs Baby!

Looking at my landscape beds last spring, I realised something.... All the bulbs that I've planted aren't making a dent. Too much room to fill, I must keep planting!
So, I started looking for a bigger bang for my bulb. I did some research and purchased the following:

Tulip, Fosteriana, Candela boasts the biggest bloom of the genus. Big and yellow. And, hopefully, seen from the street!!

King Alfred Daffodils are truly the giant among daffodils. They have stems reaching 20 inches, and flowers 
with a span of four inches or more. Big impact is what I am going for!

Allium Purple Sensation baseball sized flowers on 2 to 3 FOOT stems! Allium are among my favorites. 

I don't know if my plan will work, but sooner or later, I will have enough bulbs to create an impact! (I will also have the blisters to prove it!)


  1. Sissy -

    Love the Allium. Is that a bulb you have to pull up for the winter or can you keep in the ground year round? Bet you can't wait for spring now, right? Good luck Tuesday in v-ball. I think your town team plays my town team. Isn't your daughter on the team? We have a church meeting otherwise I would have loved to meet you.

    Connie Lou

  2. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Love your choices of flowers..Our perimeter of the backyard is flowers or Grasses and even some Bamboo thrown in...Amazing is the fact that quite a few flowers were not planted by us....The birds gave us beautiful wildflowers to fill in the barespots...You may want to try wildflowers for large spaces...
    I always loved daisys,and God Blessed our sideyard with Daisys and other colorful flowers...

  3. It will help fill in and since they multiply that will help eventually fill up the area although Tulips are notorious for lasting only a few years. Love the Allium.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  4. Beautiful choices! I am STILL talking about putting in spring bloomers four years after moving in. I hope one of these years I'll actually get off my duff and do it!

  5. Nice choices, Sissy. I love the yellow/purple combo.

    You are right, it takes a lot of bulbs. You will get there in time.

  6. Love those beauties you are adding to your gardens. They are going to bring you so much joy.


  7. These will definitely make an impact, Sissy! I've added more allium, too--they're such a striking plant in the spring. I think this is why I plant tulips and daffodils as well, more than the smaller bulbs. Last year I planted about 100 crocus, and they were barely noticeable:)

  8. I wrote them down. I stick a few every year in my wildflower (weed) field for early color though I wish there was an efficient way to plant many more. I will be in a nursing home before any of them spread enough to notice LOL.

  9. I don't know what happens to my bulbs...clay soil? Cranes? Squirrels? Deer? iIdidn't have one daffodil this year. Hoping you do better on your quest! Now following. (-: (I keep all my favorite blogs addresses in a folder on my computer, yours included. I think I do better that way about checking in, but I'll give this a try!)

  10. I've been planting bulbs too, and no matter how many I plant, come spring I always thing "I need more!"

    I have put in quite a few new tulips and daffodils this fall, along with some of the giant allium. I also planted some smaller things --crocus and small alium near windows where I can see them in the early spring :-)


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