Saturday, September 03, 2011

Strange Sights at work

When not working for the grower, I work for a friend who runs an embroidery and screen printing shop in her backyard. I do graphic design and production and have basically taken over the sales department recently. She lives on a farm with a couple thousand acres, we are basically surrounded by corn.
The other day, I heard the strangest noise and took my camera out to investigate.

A helicopter was cropdusting! I had never in my life seen this before and if you weren't expecting it, it will be quite unnerving. He was still at it when I was driving home and many cars were pulled over, with folks taking shots with their cameras.
I have been crazy busy at work, which has forced me to get up early. 
I know many of you are up waaayyy before the sun, (sometimes you comment at 4am!), but not me.
This day, I even caught the sun doing it's thing real early. 
well, kinda early, anyways!


  1. It's kind of neat to see the cropdusters at work--but kind of gross too, if you think about all the chemicals!
    And I'm late on commenting this morning-LOL- because I was doing laundry. Yup--total morning person. But don't talk to me past 9pm!
    I sent you an email about the fabric.
    Have a great week, Sissy

  2. Interesting to watch the crop dusting but I always wonder that things like that can happen without warning neighbors so they can prepare with masks or something. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Hi Sissy,
    What a beautiful sunrise picture!

    I wonder just what that crop duster was spraying?

  4. Wow Sissy. So THAT'S what I've been missing? LOL Gorgeous! Hopefully the crop duster was using a safe chemical like Bt.

  5. There are benefits to getting up very early, although I don't like to. Lovely sunrise!!! When we lived out West, crop dusting was a common practice. Can't think it's very healthy!

  6. Thst's a beautiful sunrise - I love early mornings:)


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