Monday, September 05, 2011

Champaign is good, even when warm.

I visited Nick for a birthday lunch. It was a hot and steamy day, but the city of Champaign has not let that stop the commitment to the hayracks.

Osteo and purple petunias
Canna, coleus, zinnias, sedge, ipomea, and verbena. 

A senior at Illinois, Nick's new apartment has a fantastic view. I found myself just staring out at the city.


  1. Oh Sissy - the flowers are beautiful and what a great view! Nick is a very handsome boy! Go ILL INI! Another beautiful day. Enjoy!
    Connie (aka LOU)

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    wow, a senior? what great digs, he certainly is handsome - and I didnt even realize we both have Nick's :)

  3. What a wonderful view - it looks like
    a great city:)

  4. Looks like Champaign really takes pride in its appearance - the planters are lovely. And wow - what a great view your son has!!! Best wishes to him on a fantastic, memorable senior year.

  5. Wow, Nick has a million dollar view in his apartment! Most college students live in shacks. He is very fortunate.

    The city looks very well cared for with its interesting planters.

  6. Flowers look lovely. Nice apartment view- I could spend hours looking out of a window like that (Illinois is pretty flat, isn't it?). And best wishes and a good senior year! You must be proud!
    PS~ hope you're enjoying this nice cool weekend!

  7. Love the combo of the osteo's and petunias!
    And what great views--he's a lucky fella

  8. Ooh la la....Nick is so handsome. Today is also our step granddaughter's 19th birthday. She's a freshman at UW-Madison. Her mother drove there today to have lunch with her.

    Happy Birthday to Nick and Haley.


  9. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Hello, nice to meet you..look forward to reading more of your blog..thanks for the kind words you left in comments on blessing the elements...
    Peace & Love

  10. What gorgeous views! And such a handsome son!

    The next time you visit him, you'll have to let me know; maybe we can meet up. The campus has some beautiful plantings...have you visited the Idea Garden on Lincoln Avenue? It's where I put in some volunteer hours, and it's a great place for gardening ideas.


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