Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Send the kids out of the room...

Those white balls are the egg/seed/spore things for this mushroom! 
 This obscene looking thing is a Stinkhorn Mushroom. I looked it up on the internet, after Renee suggested it was the Stinkhorn. Pea also indicated it might be a fungus, and you girls got it. It is disgusting looking. On the internet it says it smells badly. I don't know. I am not caring to sniff it. I am not getting that close to it. LOOK at this thing. Sheesh! It's rated PG-17!!
For those of you that want me to open one of those white egg sacks-forget it. The internet says it is filled with layers of slime.
I. Kid. You. Not. are some allium, let's change the subject.

First year for berries on my Viburnum opulus! Bring on the fabulous song birds! Whoo-hoo!!



  1. We get those mushrooms too and I NEVER knew what they were. THANKS! Pretty disgusting looking if you ask me (and I don't smell them either). You always have some good stuff on here and I'm learning. Thanks for your comments on my post. I can't imagine where you seems there is just farm land around Na Da farm. I learn about the markets from all the bloggers (whole new world). The necklace I have on is the sea glass one I purchased that day (love it too!) Yes, we have a Wild Wings - been there once. I still got the short end of the stick tho. ALOHA!

  2. We don't have those mushrooms.
    And I'm glad..........

  3. LOL, Sissy! Pretty allium!

  4. I have those stinkhorns too, and they appear suddenly overnight, ick.

    You have allium blooms now? Or is that an archive photo from spring? So pretty.

  5. Oh how disgusting that stinkhorn is. Your bloom is gorgeous. I have berries on things now too. My Viburnum Autumn Jazz has blue ones. I will read the name on my orange Lily and add it to my blog but I think it only bloomed later because I had it in a pot before.
    Cher Sunray Gardens
    Goldenray Yorkies

  6. Don't even want to touch it!

  7. Boy, you're just finding all kinds of interesting things in your yard! I don't think I would touch them either~ maybe they'll help scare the deer away! lol.

    I love the alliums- and my arrowwood viburnum has finally got berries too! Only took eight years!

    Bring on the songbirds!

  8. I've never heard of a stinkhorn mushroom before, but I think you'd better check i.d.'s before you let anyone see it in your garden:)

    Your viburnum is looking good; the birds will love it!

  9. So glad you found out what is was! I was Googling the white things you found to no avail. I just read that these mushrooms are usually attached to some kind of wood - either tree trunks or mulch, and that they'll usually go away on their own.


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