Saturday, July 02, 2011

I needed a Xanax over this bird..

So this guy is learning to fly, today. Hotter than blazes, no breeze, humid and sticky. Just a regular miserable July day on the asphalt and this guy wants to learn to fly. 
We discovered him this morning on one of the boxes in the sales hut. It was stifling in the sales hut. There was very little breeze anyways, but in the sales hut, the air didn't move at all. This little guy flies awkwardly in and lands on one of the boxes in the hut. He starts to pant, in no time. (did you know birds panted?)
He is nervous because of the customers walking around. The mama bird brought this baby worms. I betcha I watched this guy try to fly for over 2 hours and the mom brought him worm after worm to coax him down from his box. 
He wouldn't budge. It was driving me NUTS!! The mom followed me around, chirping and hollering, calling for her baby and cussing at me when I got too close to him. 
Finally, another employee picks up the entire box and shakes the box gently so the bird lands on a piece of display equipment outside the sales hut. So there he sits. He is panting and nervous. The mama is flying around trying to call to him to fly. He is really panting hard, now, so I gently sprayed him with the hose I was watering plants with. The little guy held his mouth open and drank and fluffed his feathers. Mama brought him another worm. 
Finally, Lil came in to start her shift and I told her what was going on. 
She promptly walked over to him, calmly lifted him onto her finger and she gently tossed him up into the air. 
He took off, flying around, calling to his mom. he flew straight up and landed on the top of the store, maybe 30' in the air. Mama came to him and they flew away together. 
Incredible. I was so freakin out over this guy and calm as can be, Lil just sends him on his way. 
You just know you can trust someone like that. I wish I had more of that. 


  1. What an interesting experience for a hot miserable day. I would have enjoyed watching him learn to fly.

  2. I loved this story, with all the angst and worry and watching and dithering about what to do... and then someone comes in and simply lifts up the little bird and sets it in the air. There's a whole metaphor-for-life thing going on! Amazing.

  3. Ah that is a nice happy ending to the story.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. You should have seen the baby robins today Sissy! Every plant I touched had a baby in it! Okay just three today~ but before I could move a plant, I had to move a bird!


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