Friday, July 15, 2011

Fighting Back!!

Goat Cheese rolled in garden herbs, served with french bread rounds...

Grilled pizza, have you tried this, yet?? So easy!
The next pictures are not as appetizing.
It has almost become impossible to be in my gardens. The Japanese Beetles are incredibly thick. They are huge, lazy fliers and will fly right into me. I noticed the last plum tree looked funny, so I walked back there. I was horrified by what I found.

Giant masses of these monsters have turned the upper canopy to lace. A new baby Linden was planted 2 weeks ago...
Trees need leaves to make food and this poor guy is on the brink. I dusted some Chicken manure around the base and let the hose trickle on him for several hours. 
I had had quite enough. I angrily stomped away, swatting beetles.
I ran to the store and purchased a new sprayer and Sevin concentrate. I slowly and carefully sprayed 2 gallons of the bug killer all over the trees and the ground underneath.

Two hours later:
I could hear the tree breath a sigh of relief. The ground under this tree is literally moving with dying beetles. I spared you that image. I don't like to use the chemicals, but I felt is was time. All those beetles are making more baby beetles! I couldn't stand the thought. Hopefully, the worst is over.
I was careful to keep Gracie out of that area!
but she won't ever be too far from the grill with Dad! Last night I made Greek chicken with saganaki and salad. Cass will not eat chicken and she is on vacation with friends, so Jeff and I enjoyed it. 
Saganaki= flaming cheese = OPA!!

YUM! I hope you all enjoy your day! Stay cool out there and don't like the beetles get ya!


  1. Food looks great! You'll have to share the Greek chicken recipe. Steve's been looking for one for a while. We do our own rendition of it but it's still missing something...
    As for the beetles~ I know everything has a purpose, but come on! That's just ridiculous!
    (and I'm still trying to figure out what their purpose is~ other than giving us gardeners grief!)

  2. My beautiful linden 'Greenspire' was attacked by the horrid Japanese beetles (they love lindens), but not as badly as yours. It survived the beetles each year but was killed by antler rub when a buck stripped the bark off (literally all the way around). I really hope yours survives this awful scourge!

  3. Oh my, and I thought that I had beetles. Those pictures are horrible. What a difference after you sprayed. Hope you have a nice hot weekend...join the crowd :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that is one mass of beetles! I don't usually use chemicals either, but I don't blame you one bit for dousing these poor trees. I'm sure they're thanking you.

    As for all the yummy grilled foods, you're making me hungry:)

  5. The rose chaffers forced me to spray last month and we also spread spectricide on the lawn. That may be why the Japanese beetles haven't been too bad here this year. I don't think I've ever seen so many on one plant as in your pic!


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