Saturday, July 09, 2011

Food Blog...

I wish I could find a real good one. Not one who takes product for "opinion here is all mine". Not one who cooks with ponzu. (what the...???) Not one who also happens to be a scientist and writes for the New York Post. Not a blog that cooks obscure cow parts.
I would like to be able to read a food blog from someone who cooks regularly for the family, has time constraints as well as budget constraints and likes to keep things on the healthy side. I do have 2 on my blog roll to the right of this post, but I sure would like to add to it.
Do you read a food blog? Can you recommend it?

Speaking of food, my Little Darling turned 17 this past week. Wow. Who was it that said the days are long but the years are short? Sure rings true for me. ****sigh****  She's always been a funny eater, the opposite of a picky eater, but picky just the same. She eats too many vegetables, I struggle to get her to eat meat. Too much fruit and wouldn't eat a Little Debbie if it were the only thing left on earth. (try packing a lunch for that kid)
Guess what else she doesn't like? Cake. What kind of kid doesn't like cake, I ask you?? Well, Grama hit on a solution many years ago, that being the Fruit Tart. No glaze on the fruit, no cream cheese.
Happy Birthday Little Darling...



  1. Looks really good! care to Share?
    (and hey~ you could start a food blog ~ I'd read it!)

  2. The fruit tart looks good--though I wouldn't mind the cream cheese on mine. I don't like Little Debbies either. I do love a good homemade cake though!

    I hope your Little Darling had a happy birthday!

  3. Hi Sissy...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments.Your daughter sounds like mine. She is older now,but has been a vegetarian since she was your daughter's age. She doesn't eat sugar either. So, when she's a bit hard to plan a menu. I usually resort to finding recipes on the internet. Some she has never tried. I like "Mennonite Girls Can Cook." They never cease to amaze me with their simple tasty dishes.
    I'm going to read more of your blog...I really like it...Balisha

  4. I only read one food blog and it is Pinch My Salt. I love it, and I think it meets your criteria for what you want to read about and cook.

    That fruit tart looks awesome. My adult son told me he was a vegetarian the day I picked him up at the airport last Christmas Eve. We had $80 worth of roast beef in the oven for our holiday meal. He ate the potatoes.


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