Friday, July 08, 2011

The Beetle Dance, that's all.

Here is a picture of Nicky Plox. If hold your mouse over this picture, you will find a picture of a bucket of dead beetles.

I was moving the hose around outside and noticed about 137 Japanese Beetles on William Baffin. I ran in and got a small bowl of hot soapy water. As I tried to "flick" the beetles off the plant, into the bowl, some of them flew away, landing in my hair!!
You might want to use the term Freaking Out, here. It is probably appropriate. I am screaming and hollering and flinging my head around, trying to get them out of my hair, all the while, Schatz the WonderDog and Gracie Mae are jumping around me and barking their fool heads off. After 5 or 6 minutes of this flailing around and hollering, I was pretty sure there were no more bugs in my hair.
I calmed down, smoothed my hair down and looked around. The little kids next door were frozen in their steps, staring at me with their mouths wide open.
Sheesh... Haven't they ever seen a Beetle Dance before??
All of those came from one rose bush. I had had enough excitement so I turned to go in and saw the plum and cherry trees were crawling with them.
I should get those, too, but I simply couldn't dance another step. HA!!



  1. We might have to get you one of those beekeeper's hats with the netting for your birthday instead of a gun....

  2. CREEPY! I'd be doing the same thing. I hate bugs.

  3. I wouldn't have liked any of those beetles in my hair either - You will have to wear a big hat before you tackle the trees:)

  4. Oh, Good God, that's a lot of dead beetles! I would not want them in my hair either! Another reason for me not to grow roses! :)

  5. Ha, ha--I bet the neighbor kids had never seen a beetle dance before:) I've been busy making "beetlejuice", too. I hate these little buggers; I'd be freaked out, too, if they got in my hair.

  6. What a lot of excitement you've been through! You have some computer skills I don't have. That's pretty cool seeing another photo by holding the mouse over the first one.


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